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E-commerce companies need to concentrate on using proper marketing channels to attract their target audience’s attention. This can include optimizing search engines, social media marketing, the marketing of content, affiliates, emails, or any other type of form. In addition, there are best BigCommerce apps that allow online stores to leverage their customer acquisition and brand value.


Email marketing is efficient in expanding sales volume. However, it takes time to manually send emails to hundreds of customers, especially verification emails for each order. That’s why you need email marketing automation to streamline your tasks. One of the best apps on the market is definitely Mailchimp. For instance, you may use Mailchimp to assign an abandoned cart mail automatically when you exit your website without purchasing the items in your ship.

You can also send a multiple email drive to re-engage delayed consumers or send existing consumer suggestions and exclusive offers. Furthermore, there is also a reporting feature that demonstrates how strong email subscribers are involved. For example, the data shows email subscribers who open emails and click on the links. You can also view revenue reports to see whether your emails influence sales.

Facebook Ad Extension

With more than 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach your target audience. New users often get confused on Facebook ads for it takes time to understand various factors such as budgeting or defining an ideal end-user. 

Therefore, Facebook Easy Ad serves as a shortcut to make ads. You don’t need to be a social media expert to set up an effective ad. Rather, the app allows you to connect your product catalog to Facebook to use dynamic ads. It also helps distribute the ads to the right people at the right place on Facebook using your store data. 

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Google Shopping by Sales&Orders 

Sales&Orders is one of the best BigCommerce apps that help merchants boost traffic and increase sales by setting up product feeds and ads on Google Shopping. The app provides full control over what customers are shopping for and how they can adjust their feed to be as attractive as possible. In doing so, it ensures that there is no mistake or discrepancies found between platforms. 

Besides adding and removing products, you can improve your product data quality by dynamically mapping your products to their respective Google Product Categories and setting up shipping and taxes at an account level. 

The app also offers multi-layer reports to review accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and even product-level performance stats. With Sales&Orders, you don’t have to worry about the error of manually converting your store into Google Shopping anymore. 


BackOrder, as indicated in its name, assists BigCommerce merchants in serving demands for out-of-stock items. Out-of-stock, on average, can cost merchants ~8-12% total revenue, which might damage the business if it keeps happening. Now rather than driving customers to another store, the app allows them to order the product as if it’s still available and receive it in the future. 

With the newest version, the app allows store owners to set up a threshold in which your products can be backordered. There are also reports on the total amount of backordered products and total backordered items. This keeps you informed about the salability of your store in order to adjust your strategies if needed. 

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Among the apps, Atom8 is the best workflow automation platform on BigCommerce. The app helps optimize your business by automatically reorganizing tasks, streamlining processes, and feeding data to other customer-facing applications such as Mailchimp, Google Sheet, or ShipStation. It empowers BigCommerce pos merchants to be more productive by taking over all the repetitive operational work. 

Some of the app features include: 

  • Auto-categorize orders (based on value, locations, etc)
  • Auto-segment customer (based on demographics, spending, the total number of order, etc)
  • Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet 
  • Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders
  • Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders

All in all, having the right app not only saves your time but also helps grow your store faster and more strategically. 


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