Top 5 Valuable Features of BigCommerce

Top 5 Valuable Features of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is indeed one of the most famous cloud eCommerce platforms. Moreover, its strength lies in efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to empower even enterprises. The main aim of the platform is to increase the conversion rates, sales rates, performance, and others for the business.

Most Efficient and Valuable Features of BigCommerce

There are many valuable and amazing features of BigCommerce. These features attract more and more businesses towards BigCommerce.

Visual builder and customization

Visual Builder is Oracle’s low-code software development platform, which allows businesses to quickly construct engaging and brand-consistent Web and mobile applications directly from the browser. It enables businesses to customize their applications on the platform. Through visual builder and customization, the BigCommerce businesses offer advanced digital solutions to valued customers. By using the visual builder and customization on BigCommerce, businesses can turn ideas into useful apps that can assist you in running the business. Thus, businesses can create and deploy web, mobile, and progressive web interfaces.


A business-to-business transaction occurs when one company conducts business with another. This usually happens when a company is looking for materials to use in its manufacturing process. For instance, the companies find other organization that offers them manufacturing material at low cost. BigCommerce is a cloud SaaS platform that allows businesses to not only reach customers but also businesses.

This is why, BigCommerce succeeds at increasing the conversion rates, AOV and revenue to a greater extent.

Headless Commerce

Without a front-end delivery layer, headless commerce is an eCommerce solution that stores manage and delivers content. Companies can deliver personalized experiences by a channel that is tailored to the use case thanks to headless commerce. As brands get their brand and products on as many digital platforms as possible, headless commerce can help them grow their digital presence. This is how the companies increase their leads and revenue.

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Security on the SaaS Platform of the BigCommerce

In subscription-based cloud applications, SaaS Security refers to the protection of user privacy and corporate data. SaaS apps store a vast amount of sensitive data and can be accessed by a large number of people from nearly any device, creating a risk to privacy and sensitive data.

Web app providers take numerous safeguards to ensure that their infrastructure does not fail and that their services are available at 99.98 percent of the time.

Apps and channels integration

There is also BigCommerce apps and channels integration that enables the business to integrate data. The data can be transferred from one website to another without any difficulty. So, businesses can move data from one platform to BigCommerce seamlessly.


These are the top 05 features that make BigCommerce one of the biggest eCommerce platforms available. There are many major companies that are operating through BigCommerce. The main reason for choosing BigCommerce is to focus the sales and marketing. So, companies end up marketing their products cost-effectively online.

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