A quick guide to set up related products on BigCommerce stores

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The sellers always want to provide their customers with various product options to choose from. Therefore, related product suggestions become powerful strategies to enhance the customer shopping experience and boost your revenues. However, how to set up related products on BigCommerce stores is still a difficult issue for the merchants. We are here today to give you the fundamental instruction to set up relevant items on BigCommerce. How To Set Up Related Products On BigCommerce What Are Related Products ”Related Product” helps the sellers to suggest the most relevant products for their customers. It is to ensure the buyers have enough suitable options to make buying decisions. This function can upsell products based on customers’ preferences, customer behaviors and your selling performance.  Steps To Set Up Related Products If you choose to set up related products automatically, BigCommerce always suggests only five related items. The products displayed are selected based on the same characteristics of product name and product description. However, if you want to show more products, you need to try to set them up manually. With the manual approach, BigCommerce allows you to show 50 related products per product page. You need to finish 5 steps to activate related product suggestions manually. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell Step 1: You need to edit products and move to Storefront section Step2: Below Related Product headline, untick Automatically show related product on my storefront Step 3: Position the category of your first related products. If necessary, you can add a subsection into the main category by clicking on the “plus” button Step 4: You can see the list of products related to that category in the Add Related Product field. Choose to add the related ones, and click the “-” button to delete them. Step 5: Finally, don’t forget to save your work.  Using BigCommerce Apps for Related Products Product Recommendation From GritGlobal To show related products effectively, the sellers should take advantage of some product recommendation apps such as the Product Recommendation App from GritGlobal. This app allows you to set recommendation rules, including pages, cart items, values, and customer behaviors. Moreover, you can set a time for activating or inactivating your pre-set rules. Besides the personalized recommendation, this app also can generate performance reports. It helps sellers reflect selling results and plan for the next strategies.  RecCommerce RecCommerce is an AI-based recommendation app. This app can analyze customers behaviors to produce personalized recommendations. They include popular items, recent reviews, purchase history and complementary items. This analytics feature from this app helps you communicate more effectively with your shoppers. TargetBay Targetbay allows the sellers to display related product sections on selected pages. Those are “Best Sellers”, “You May Also Like” and “Frequently Bought Together”. Targetbay shows related products not only as pop-up notifications or sliders but also through personalized emails when the customers abandon their carts. Conclusion With our instructions, we hope that you can set up related products on your BigCommerce stores with automatic settings, manual settings and using applications.

6 product recommender tips by eCommerce experts

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Product recommendation strategies play a vital role in boosting your selling revenues. However, inappropriate approaches can cause a sky-high cart abandonment rate and disturb your customers. Therefore, we have researched and collected some product recommender tips from experts. In this article, we are going to tell you with explanations and detailed descriptions.  Top 6 Must-have Product Recommender Pocket Tips Show Your Hot Products The easiest and most effective approach to recommend products successfully is displaying the best sellers. The hot products, which are already trending, can attract customers and feasibly persuade them to buy. You need to recommend those products, again and again, to reinforce their popularity and boost sales. Moreover, your website should have a space for best-selling lists to engage customers at the first meeting. Stick To Upcoming Trends Besides your store’s best-sellers, you may need to display some trending products. The shoppers may like to follow the trends and become trendy, so you can show those product lists on the top of product pages to catch customers’ attention. You can seamlessly update purchase activities in your store to let shoppers know that there are some people who have just bought those products and have more motivation to place orders. Display Discounts & Promotion It is undeniable that discounts and promotions are some of the most powerful tools to encourage customers to buy products, especially expensive ones. You can launch a buy 1 get 1 program or discounts on combos to upsell and cross-sell as well.  Display Rating-based Recommendation The products which have a lot of positive reviews can easily attract more customers than the ones which don’t have any reviews or negative ratings. Therefore, you can take advantage of high-rating items and suggest them to other customers. Also, you can display a list of top-rating products for customers to access. Display Location-based Recommendation Some cutting-edge tools can provide selling information to identify trends in specific locations. For example, if foreigners go to New York and they shop at your online store, they may be curious about New York customers’ favorite products. Therefore, your store can recommend “Trending in New York” product lists for the visitors.  Display Behavior-based Recommendation The most powerful product recommendation method is personalized suggestion based on customers behaviors. You can use some tracking tools to identify customers’ tastes, their behaviors on your online store, their recent purchase, searching history and so on. That information then will be exported to Spreadsheet, analyzed and visualized to draw customers preference pictures. Therefore, you can generate suitable product recommendations with suitable form, at the right place, and accurate suggestions. The customers may place orders without hesitation because the personalized offers can meet the demands. If you sell on the BigCommerce platform, you can try the Product Recommendation app from GritGlobal to have more accurate suggestions with a simpler process, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology. Conclusion With our sharing, we hope that you can confidently choose some of the product recommender tips above to boost sales and enhance customer engagement.

How to find the best Magento developer for your B2B business

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Hiring Magento developers to empower your B2B business is a reasonable decision to enhance your operation and optimize productivity. However, how to find the best Magento developer for your business is still a hard question. Therefore, we are here today to suggest some criteria that you need to consider when choosing a Magento developer. Criteria To Choose The Best B2B Magento Developer Previous Achievements The first thing you need to consider is whether this developer can meet your expectations. To have enough clues to rate their skills and reputation, you need to take time to research. You can examine their portfolio, look for their completed projects and evaluate their accomplishments. Moreover, you need to survey whether their previous clients were satisfied with the services, read the feedback to conclude the strengths and weaknesses of the developers. To get the most accurate evaluation of the developers, you can find some reviews from the clients who have the same background as you or require the same service as your business. Also, you can check out their social media account. Which helps to find more information about their product and services and decide whether they are suitable for being your partners. Customer Service Customer service is an essential point that you need to pay attention to. You need to make sure that the developers take care of their clients honestly, clearly and wholeheartedly. Moreover, you need to examine their return policies, how they solve customers’ problems and membership programs. You need to know whether your teams are willing to work with people from other nations. Different cultures and languages may cause some barriers when discussing. The Magento developers who understand your viewpoints and ideas can easily create products that meet your expectations. Product Quality To ensure your business will be empowered well, you need to check the product quality, assurance and which technology they use. Nowadays, the best Magento developers choose the Agile or Scrum-based approach. It brings the customers a faster, smooth and risk-minimum process. Moreover, they also provide annual maintenance for their products and are willing to support them 24/7 whenever the clients need it. Other Services You can pay attention to other services of the Magento developers. Because they can help you to equip a complete and perfect Magento ecosystem rather than separate services. There are some Magento developers who also provide some related products such as Magento Hosting, Marketing Services and so on. However, you can skip this step if you want to choose a specialized Magento developer, who can offer the best products that you require.  Cost To manage your budget better and ensure you can afford all the costs during the Magento development process, you need to set an approximate budget. Besides the price of the service, you need to ask about extra costs for additional functions and require a transparent pricing policy to avoid confusion. Conclusion The checklists you need to consider when choosing the best Magento developer for your B2B business may vary among different businesses. However, our recommended criteria are fundamental for any business runner. Just take our ideas into account, and you can bring the best Magento products to your enterprise.

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