Comprehensive guide to Demand Forecasting

demand forecasting guide

Can you know the quantity of product you need for the next holiday? Do you know the capital you need to invest in stock? Can you prepare for the festive period to supply everything your customer requires? If you are still contemplating how to achieve that, demand forecasting is the solution you need. In this […]

Successful B2B eCommerce Business Model

B2B eCommerce model

A business model is one that everyone has their own opinion. For some, it is a combination of choices on how you operate a business, whereas others see it as how a business functions. However, another group says it comprises certain elements, including resources, processes, and customer value propositions. Notwithstanding your view, every business needs […]

5 key principles of eCommerce process automation

ecommerce process automation

Small business managers and eCommerce entrepreneurs are always preoccupied with several things such as marketing the business, improving sales and revenue, boosting their brand awareness, and much more. However, at a point, these will inhibit your growth as you won’t be able to handle every aspect properly as your attention will be divided. When faced […]

How to optimize BigCommerce backorder experience

optimize BigCommerce backorder

Backorders have been in existence as long as logistics and supply lines. However, with the increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, maintaining stocks to avoid any backorder issues has become an integral aspect of meeting customer expectations. A backorder is an order, which is waiting to be filled. According to recent statistics, more than 35% […]

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