4 tips to avoid backorder cancellation

4 tips to avoid backorder cancellation

Having a backorder cancellation isn’t a situation you want to experience as an eCommerce store owner. The process of nurturing a lead is quite a hectic one, and allowing such a lead to leave without making a purchase makes it even harder. It is never a situation or event you want to experience for any […]

4 Ways To Clear Dead Stock

a store front with dead stock for sales

Deadstock items refer to unsold inventory that remains on your shelves for a long time and starts draining your valuable resources. Too many dead stocks will take up a place for top-line selling items. Thus, it is a must to clear the dead stock and to free up space to increase the potential of growth […]

A Quick Guide To BigCommerce Order

order package in a brown cardboard box

Moving order in BigCommerce through the order management workflow begins with receiving an order. You get a notification as soon as a customer places a new order in your store. You can go through every detail of orders on BigCommerce and change the order status on both desktop and mobile devices. To understand changes in […]

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