Why You Should Use Atom8?

a man and a woman have a meeting about atom8

As businesses and customers continue to move online, it’s crucial to maintain a high level of productivity. Yet how can you guarantee performance while working remotely? One solution is using Atom8, the automation app for Shopify and BigCommerce.  What does Atom8 do? Atom8 is a workflow automation platform used to converts repetitive tasks into workflows […]

Franklin Energy: Automation for Discount Programs

About Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy is an industry expert in designing and implementing grid optimization programs for utilities, state, and municipality clients in the United States and Canada.  Over 20 years of establishment, the firm has expanded beyond the commercial and industrial sector to be a full-ride provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions. […]

Order Management Automation Best Use Cases

two women sitting on the chair discussing order management automation

Order management is an important part of any retail business. Without a proper order management strategy, you might lose track of the inventory or miscommunicate with your shipping partners. Unfortunately, 46% of SMB still use a manual tracking method, which is always prone to error. One solution is to employ order management automation integration on […]

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