How Magento can transform your B2B business with omnichannel

b2b omnichannel

Magento has been considered as the brilliant eCommerce platform that can strengthen businesses with omnichannel. However, not all business runners have a clear picture of how Magento can transform their B2B business. If you are still hesitant to choose B2B omnichannel, this article is truly for you. Today we will explain the ways Magento does […]

4 Tips for a smooth transition from B2C to B2B

transition from b2c to b2b

As considered the lucrative and trendy business model, B2B has attracted a lot of businesses around the world. Therefore, many businesses have gradually transitioned to B2B to earn more revenues and profits. The B2C businesses who want to transition their business to B2B may encounter various obstacles during the process related to many tasks. Our […]

Examples of how a website can be both B2B and B2C

b2b and b2c website examples

The businesses who serve both B2B and B2C customers may need a special website. The B2B and B2C websites can meet the demands of two types of customers. However, building that website is not easy. Therefore, our article today will show you some B2B and B2C website examples that you can learn from. B2B And […]

7 no-nonsense cross sell techniques

cross sell techniques

Cross-sell is always a powerful technique for the sellers to boost sales, launch new products and maintain customer relationships. The customers will have different attitudes on your cross-sell pop-up; therefore, you need to use effective and reliable cross-sell techniques to enhance customer satisfaction and get desirable revenues. Our article today will show you how to […]

5 epic formulas for maximum b2b eCommerce conversion rates

b2b ecommerce conversion rates

To make a plan for maximizing your B2B eCommerce conversion rates, the sellers should figure out all formulas of conversion rates and find ways to increase all of them. Therefore, our article today will introduce 5 awesome formulas for the B2B merchants to maximize B2B eCommerce conversion rates. 5 Awesome Formulas To Maximize B2B Ecommerce […]

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