7 no-nonsense cross sell techniques

cross sell techniques

Cross-sell is always a powerful technique for the sellers to boost sales, launch new products and maintain customer relationships. The customers will have different attitudes on your cross-sell pop-up; therefore, you need to use effective and reliable cross-sell techniques to enhance customer satisfaction and get desirable revenues. Our article today will show you how to boost sales and make customers happy with cross-sell techniques.

7 Must-try Cross-sell Techniques For Desirable Revenues

Stick To Purchase History

Purchase history is the solid fundamental and valuable source for the sellers to get trustworthy information about customer tastes. The business runners should take advantage of some tracking tools to identify which customers’ favorite products, how much they can spend, what are the obstacles during their shopping journey, and their feedback after finishing the order. Therefore, the business needs to come up with improvement plans and cross-sell strategies for each customer’s past purchase data.

Discount To Buy More

Discount when buying a certain number of products will motivate customers to buy more than the quantity they need. For example, if the store launches “buy 3 get 1 free”, the customers will be encouraged to buy three items to get the free gift. With this cross-selling strategy, the stores can launch new products as well as boost sales of on-sale products. Moreover, the sellers can apply discounts on shipping fees to reduce the delivery burden of the customers, also boost revenues and reduce cart abandonment.

Similar Taste

The customers may be curious about what others buy to find the popular and high-quality products. The sellers can act as an introducer to recommend “Others also bought..” product lists to customers as a trustworthy cross-sell strategy. The sellers can come up with useful product recommendations by utilizing selling reports and tracking tools.

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Buy In Sets

Another cross-selling technique is suggesting products which go in collections. For example, if the customers put a shirt on their shopping cart, the stores can recommend related trousers, bags, hats to help customers to complete their look. If you are selling fashion, furniture, or decoration products, this cross-sell approach is for you. You may find it difficult to suggest suitable items for your beloved customers, so you may need to try Order Booster on BigCommerce platform to generate best-matched recommendations and help customers find what they really need.

BackOrder CTA

Membership Rewards

Maintaining customer relationships is the best way to motivate customers to buy more at your stores. The simplest way to evaluate customers’ loyalty is running a membership program. The store can record and give customers certain points with corresponding spend. When the customers achieve a certain amount of points, the stores can give them free gifts or discounted products to cross-sell.

Additional Services

You can offer customers additional services during their using experience. Therefore, if they encounter any obstacles, they will come back to you and receive maintenance service at a discounted price. This approach can help you cross-sell your services as well as ensure an awesome customer experience.

Display Countdown

To speed up customer purchasing and encourage them to place orders more quickly, the sellers should display cross-selling product recommendations with a countdown clock. The customers may alleviate their hesitation and place orders immediately when they realize the time for good deals is running out. These approaches can strengthen the effectiveness of cross-sell strategies and reduce cart abandonment.

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Are you ready to run an awesome cross-sell campaign on your eCommerce store? Don’t forget to apply our recommended tips and you can get the expected results.


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