4 easy ways to increase eCommerce store revenue

increase eCommerce store revenue

Getting an eCommerce store up and running is only the first step of launching a successful business online — now you need to establish sustainable strategies to increase eCommerce sales. Boosting eCommerce sales isn’t as difficult as you might think! It certainly doesn’t require you to burn yourself out in the process. More often than not, it’s a combination of small techniques working together in unison to help you reach your revenue goals. This article will list out 4 easy ways to increase eCommerce store revenue. 

Personalized Product Recommendations

The personalized product recommendations feature is one of the most evidence-based proven methods to increase e-commerce sales conversions in almost every industry out there. Personalized recommendations are responsible for 35% of Amazon’s sales and serve as a staple tool across e-commerce businesses today.

It is the best way to ensure your customers find what they’re looking to buy. It introduces your customers to products that interest them and provide them with options relevant to those items.

It’s also the best way you can increase e-commerce sales conversions through effective up-selling and cross-selling. If you show a customer an item that pairs well with the product they’re looking at or in the process of buying, there is an increased chance the customer will buy that item as well when compared to looking for it by themselves.

If you are on BigCommerce, don’t miss out on the Product Recommendation app. It offers a flexible, automated upselling and cross-selling solution for your store. Check it out here:

cta bigcommerce recommendation


Automation sounds quite a complicated concept at first, however, it is a fact that it is not hard at all to start using and applying ít to your eCommerce store. 

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Refer to Atom8 for example, this is an automation app that helps to automate some websites tasks. You can compose sales emails and make instantly available templates. After you have reduced your teams from administrative tasks, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks.

The special point is that it is very simple to get on well with due to a very friendly feature, including more than 100 templates that suit your personal interest and style. If you want to send emails, for instance, set the content, build customer personas then set the time to send them. All are easy as a piece of cake but things still things will fall into their places.

Personalize Timing

The time you reach out to your customers with emails, push notifications or any other promotional offers plays a significant role in the effectiveness of those activities geared to increase e-commerce sales conversion.

If you’re catering to a worldwide customer base, you have customers from different countries in different time zones. And if you’re a local market-based business, you may still have customers in different time zones from different cities depending on your country.

Reaching out to your customers during their busy time will get your messages ignored or overlooked

If your customers operate in different time zones than you and your business, then reaching out to them at the same generic time will not be effective. Your morning could be their midnight. If you reach a customer during their work hours or late at night, there is a big chance that your message will be overlooked or looked at and forgotten. Hence, it’s important to personalize the timing of your communication to ensure that it produces effective results.

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Personalize Discounts

If you’re thinking of implementing a generic market-wide discount campaign to increase e-commerce sales conversions by convincing hesitant buyers, then not only will that produce subpar results but it will also tremendously harm your business with massive revenue leaks.

How you may ask? Customers who would have purchased regardless will still make use of the discount. While the hesitant customers you may have been targeting might find the discount not compelling enough to act on. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Instead, with personalized discounts, you can tailor discounts and target your hesitant shoppers specifically based on shopper buyer behavior. This will yield much better results and increase e-commerce sales conversions while avoiding unnecessary revenue leaks.


On their own, each of these tactics is quite effective. However, when implemented together, they’re rocket fuel for your eCommerce sales. Try implementing just one of these tactics today — you’ll be able to measure the difference in sales and see what all of these techniques could do for you over time.


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