The Ultimate Guide for Welcome Emails that attract customer attention (with example)

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The roles of email marketing are extremely crucial in raising brand awareness, getting closer to the target audience, converting to buyers, and maintaining long-term customer relationships. Welcome emails are the very first step of the customer engagement journey, and also an essential part of converting visitors to buying customers. With its importance, our article today will give welcome emails example which easily grabs customers’ attention.

Easily From A Welcome Email With These Essential Parts

Suitable Tone Of Voice

The Ultimate Guide for welcome emails that attract customer attention (with example)

First, you need to identify the tone of voice that you want to use to deliver the first message. The voice will tightly connect with your brand image and styles. For example, if you are selling sports stuff, the way you welcome new customers is dynamic, energetic and inspired. However, if you are selling luxurious brands, maybe you need to avoid funny and humorous tones to build customer trust. Also, you may try to be a good and well-listened friend in the beginning, with a sympathized tone. Then, the customers will appreciate your efforts and have a good impression of your brand.

Brand Introduction

The Ultimate Guide for welcome emails that attract customer attention (with example)

A welcome email is also a golden chance to give customers interesting information about your brand. However, it is not a presentation of a brand portfolio. The purpose of this part is to help customers have a better understanding of your brand and strengthen their trust. There are several ways to create a compelling paragraph of the brand introduction. For example, you can play the role of a sale manager or founder of your company to communicate and introduce your store naturally.

Personalized Content

The Ultimate Guide for welcome emails that attract customer attention (with example)

It is more likely to attract customer attention if you can personalize your email content. Email content that sticks to customer profiles and preferences will easily touch customers’ minds and encourage customers to give us interactions (for instance, like your Facebook fan page). Moreover, personalized emails will make your emails far from marketing emails, which can be a reason for newcomers to unsubscribe. However, generating personalized content is not a single task. Businesses need to have certain information about customers from their behaviors on the site to come up with suitable insights and give them tips, tricks, and deals related to what they care about.

Specific Tactics To Boost Sales

The Ultimate Guide for welcome emails that attract customer attention (with example)

While some businesses use welcome emails to strongly engage customers the first time, some of them take advantage of this chance to encourage them to make their first purchases. Inviting to place orders is sensitive in welcome emails as the customers’ are more likely to unsubscribe when approaching sell content. Therefore, businesses need to be careful to recommend products or introduce the newest deals. For a welcome emails example, use Order Booster to generate relevant product recommendations based on customer activities in your BigCommerce stores. Also, to build customer trust and encourage them to get on with your stores, you can some social proof such as customer reviews to your welcome emails.

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With our information, you may face some ideas to form and deliver welcome emails that attract customer attention. Also, you can utilize some automation applications like Atom8 to logically segment customers into different groups for personalization and send welcome emails automatically. If you can adopt all the tips above, you can go smoothly on the journey of customer engagement. 


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