How Magento can transform your B2B business with omnichannel

b2b omnichannel

Magento has been considered as the brilliant eCommerce platform that can strengthen businesses with omnichannel. However, not all business runners have a clear picture of how Magento can transform their B2B business. If you are still hesitant to choose B2B omnichannel, this article is truly for you. Today we will explain the ways Magento does to create B2B omnichannel.

The Way Magento Do To Create B2B Omnichannel

Help Customer Update Real-time Data

At first, Magento omnichannel can bring your customer awesome benefits to come closer to your businesses without directly communicating via the customer service department. Nowadays, customers become your partners. Therefore, they need to keep in touch with your activities related to their orders and favorite products including the order status, delivery notification, stock status and so on. Magento can manage, control and monitor all the selling channels and report to the centralized system that both customers and sellers can access and keep track of their transactions. 

Moreover, Magento usually updates the information to help the customers catch the newest changes with their orders. This approach can help businesses maintain a close-knit relationship with their customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Manage Inventory Better

Inventory management is the backbone of any eCommerce business to keep selling activities productive, increase revenues and maintain customers relationships. Therefore, the business runners need to pay special attention to inventory management. As all the information is centralized in one place, it is better for the business runners to monitor the product flows and manage the inventory. Therefore, the sellers can avoid both under-selling and over-selling that avoid considerable problems that happened with your inventory during your selling activities. This feature is super helpful in the hot seasons that the customers’ demand will jump rapidly.

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Track Shipment

Most customers want to know when their order will be shipped, its current place and when it will arrive in their warehouses. The Magento omnichannel can help the customers keep track of the delivery status effortlessly without directly asking the sellers. Moreover, the businesses can control whether the shipping will be late to have immediate adjustment and avoid customers’ complaints. As a result, Magento omnichannel can strengthen the connection between businesses and customers, reduce dissatisfaction and build customer trust.

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Upgrade Your Magento Store

Magento omnichannel can enhance the data flow, data access and data storage better than other approaches. Its data process system can produce accurate, meaningful and realistics information from your business activities. Therefore, your store can possess a valuable database to develop customer insights, realize upcoming trends and detect potential problems that might happen with businesses in the future. On the other hand, your Magento will become more intelligent as before. Moreover, it is fundamental for the business runners to develop strategies which stick to their strengths and weaknesses.


Those merits above have demonstrated the power of Magento omnichannel with your business activities. If you want to strengthen your eCommerce business, you should not miss the B2B platform from GritGlobal, one of the best supportive app for omnichannel optimization.


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