How to improve customer service for your Magento store

customer service magento

Maintaining customer relationships is always a priority for your business to grow and increase revenues. The most crucial factor that contributes to successful and long-term customer relationships is helpful and cooperative customer service. However, you may find it difficult to enhance customer services for your Magento store. Therefore, our article today will help you to find some ideas to improve it.

Strengthen Magento Customer Service

Shorten Time Response

The helpful support needs to be conducted on time, at which the customers require. If customers need to wait for a long time, they easily become impatient and visit your competitors’ stores for shopping. Therefore, any assistance requires a quick and accurate response, from the browsing products stage to checkout one to take the customers to the end of buying procedure.

Keep In Touch With Customers

It is frequent for the customers, especially the new ones, to feel lost in your store as they do not know how to manipulate your website. Therefore, your stores need to be ready for customer support. For example, you can equip a chatbot with pre-set answers for frequent questions to quickly reply when the customers have concerns. Moreover, all the contact information such as hotline and email address should be displayed transparently for the customers to ask for help. Also, you can guess whether customers are likely to encounter difficulties based on behavior analytic tools.

Receive Customers’ Feedback

To maintain supportive customer service, you need to ask customers about their shopping experience if there are any potential mistakes. You can conduct an immediate survey by a multiple choice question after every support. For example, a question like “Is this useful?” with three options: very, quite, not can help the customers choose one effortlessly without any nuisance. Moreover, after the customers place their orders, you can take advantage of the survey form. It is enclosed in the email order confirmation and have more detailed questions about their shopping experience and service quality.

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Utilize Customer Service Extensions

While Magento allows forming and configuring custom contact forms on your website, utilizing Magento customer service extensions is still necessary. Customer service extensions provide a wide range of functions for you to support buyers, understand them and become a shopping companion.

Pay Attention To B2B Customers 

It would be a mistake if you support all the customers in the same ways because each customer group needs a specific type of service. For example, B2B customers will need a more specialized approach. Some are a B2B account with restrictions on retailer customers, B2B catalog with tier pricing and distributor-customized catalog, B2B orders with different rules for bulk orders and so on. Besides supporting customers quickly and appropriately, you may need to offer the professional functions for the B2B customers. Moreover, you can do so and do more for B2B customers with Magento B2B platform from GritGlobal which is an optional solution for improving customer service following a headless approach.


We have brought you some tips to enhance your Magento customer service. Perhaps you have collected some ideas to take action with your store, let’s make your customer service great from today!


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