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BigCommerce has been so well known as among the most successful platforms that build for online enterprises. It offers consumers scalable features that are essential in building an online store. Their tools are specifically created to maximize the productivity of brands.

As impressive as it sounds, problems and issues are along the way, during the process of installing and operating, there will be some technical issues, some you can handle yourself, but some might be a little bit more complicated and require expertise to solve. If this is the case, the BigCommerce support team as well as merchants and partners are willing to help!

In this article, you will be able to know some ways to contact them if you have difficulties.

Get support from the BigCommerce team

The first thing to know about BigCommerce is that they are available 24/7, whenever you have an issue, day and night, there will be someone who will get your back.  So all you have to do is just pick up the phone or use live chat and you are good to go. 

BigCommerce live chat support

Easiest and also the fastest way is to use a live chart portal. You can totally access the BigCommerce support team via live chat by:

1. Finding BigCommerce Support PIN

Before using the chat systems, you are required to fill in a form which you have to enter your Support PIN. This will not waste a lot of your time, just log into your account on BigCommerce, on the bottom left of the screen, the system noted your support PIN there. 

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2. Contacting BigCommerce through live chat

After that, the next step is that you enter the BigCommerce Help Center and sign in to your account. Then click on a button called “Contact” on the top right corner of your screen, next to your Avatar and choose “Live Chat” besides many other way to contact them. 

Wait for less than a minute, then there is an employee available to take good care of your problem!


BigCommerce phone support

In case you are in an emergency and looking for a better way to communicate then phone support will definitely be the choice. It is much easier if you use your smartphone, and there is no need to look for your Support PIN like the live chat method.

At your profile of BigCommerce Help Center, click on “Contact” and choose “Phone Support”. Then, what you will see is a list of phone numbers that appear on your screen; it varies depending on the region you are living in. If your place was not shown on the list, please contact “Others” numbers.


BigCommerce email support

Besides phone and chat, another available method is email. All starting from the “Contact” section, click on “Email Support”:

Then, depending on the kind of issue you are having, click to choose either “Product Support” or “Billing Support”. Your email for the BigCommerce store is necessary to create your case of matter. Click “Continue”

There is a form that requires you to carefully explain your issue. After that, fill in your contact information. The last step is to click on “Create case”, and you will then wait for the BigCommerce Support Team to reply to your email.

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Get support from the BigCommerce community

Another way to get help with your own issue is to find other people who are having the same problems or have experience with it. Then as a matter of fact, you can refer to the BigCommerce community for their users to get in touch with each other. You are not the only one who has to meet with difficulties while managing an online business, and there will be many people who have already dealt with it before you or found solutions to them.

In order for you to reach these people, take a look at three places as follows: 


– Facebook group

LinkedIn group (named BigCommerce User Group)


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