4 Tips for a smooth transition from B2C to B2B

transition from b2c to b2b

As considered the lucrative and trendy business model, B2B has attracted a lot of businesses around the world. Therefore, many businesses have gradually transitioned to B2B to earn more revenues and profits. The B2C businesses who want to transition their business to B2B may encounter various obstacles during the process related to many tasks. Our article today will show you 4 tips to overcome difficulties during your transition from B2C to B2B.

4 Ways To Have A Great Transition From B2CTo B2B

Add Features To Shopping Cart

It is undeniable that B2C and B2B customers require different features in their shopping cart to make their order process more convenient. For instance, the B2B customers may need quick order and bulk order features to fasten their process and allow them to place a large number of products in seconds. Instead of putting the items in the shopping cart one by one as B2C customers do, the B2B customers just need to adjust the quantity, sizes, colors and product types to finish their order requirements. 

Moreover, the businesses should take advantage of valuable orders of B2B customers to recommend related products. If the business runners are using the Magento platform, they can utilize the B2B platform to add more features into the shopping cart to serve both B2C and B2B customers better.

Build Overlap Strategy

The businesses who gradually transform to B2B need to do two tasks concurrently; maintain B2C customer relationships and serve new B2B customers. To do so, the businesses need to build an overlapping strategy to meet the demand of both types of customers. The B2B customers may need a separate space for B2B transactions; therefore, they should be offered B2B accounts to focus on needed web features and reduce the complexity of your website when double serving.

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Segment Customers

Customer segmentation is always an effective approach to help the business runners address the demand of each segment. In fact, businesses need to segment customers in various tasks such as web content, email marketing, product recommendation, etc. To reduce the complexity as well as save time and money, the businesses can take advantage of some applications to track customers’ behaviors; including time spent, order value, recent search and past purchases. Then, they can rely on the collected data to group customers and identify the segmentations.

Upgrade Logistics

When dealing with both B2C and B2B customers, the businesses may encounter various obstacles related to logistics activities that negatively affect the business operation and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the business should monitor B2C and B2B logistics separately to keep all the products in stock and on-time delivery. Moreover, businesses can use suitable software to manage the inventory and shipment tracking as well.


The transition from B2C to B2B may not be easy. But if the businesses do it carefully, the results will be outstanding. Therefore, we hope our tips above can help you to overcome obstacles and strengthen your transformation effortlessly.

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