10 Christmas marketing ideas to boost your online sales

christmas marketing ideas

Ever since the day started to get shorter and the Covid 19 pandemic created a shift from physical stores to online stores, the competition has become much more intensive. Businesses are applying all types of marketing practices to attract consumers, especially when the holiday season is around the corner. To help you to stand out in the war and enhance sales performance, this article will indicate 10 Christmas marketing ideas to boost your online sales.

Define your goals & plan

Goals can be understood as the light at the end of the road that keeps you from getting lost. It keeps us growing, learning, and improving. In case your goals are not defined, your brand won’t see more sales in the Holiday period. 

After a specific goal is outlined, the next step is to figure out how to achieve them. If your goal is simply more sales, then some actions you can do is increase your conversion rate or increase social media activities. No matter what actions you take, remember that they have to be compatible with your goals.

Kick-off on Halloween

Halloween is the start of the holiday season, so straight after that, people tend to shop more and be more open to buying, starting to look for holiday presents. A great Christmas marketing idea is to continue the hype of Halloween over into the holiday season.

Therefore, you should encourage people who bought from you on Halloween to come back and continue buying for Christmas. Use the hype of Halloween to draw attention to any specials that you have coming up in the lead-up to Christmas. Once you can do that even though Halloween has passed, it can help you stand out against your competitors who have gone straight to the Christmas-themed promotion!

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Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial element to any eCommerce brand. Especially on holiday, consider using email marketing as a way to drive your email list to already existing promotional campaigns. This will help to save a lot of time, rather than just an email with information and people have to find a way to post themselves. This will cause a big drop in the potential leads.

Refer to Atom8,  an app for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento platform that automates all the website tasks, including sending emails as well. You will be free from all the desk work and have more time enjoying holidays yourself.

Customize your packaging

Customized packaging is one of the methods that you can apply to reach all of your customers and to create a memorable experience for your business during the holiday. By creating these kinds of packaging, you can save money and time for wrapping for people who need it. Unique Christmas packaging for your products over Christmas adds a touch of luxury and class and it helps to create a sense of ‘exclusivity.

Create a digital catalog

A printed catalog can be a waste of time and cost a certain amount of money also, however it can be a remarkable catalyst to remind customers of you. To change that, a digital catalog is a great alternative way to re-engage previous buyers. With breathtaking pictures, stunning photos, and sophisticated design, you can show off all your products the way a physical catalog does, just without all the printing involved!

Create a cut off date for last purchases

This sounds strange but it is essential also. Because delivery gets much worse and slow near the holiday, so when you create a cut-off date for the last purchase, you save your customers time and make sure they get the product before the holiday. For that purpose, you must make it clear the cutoff dates for delivery in certain regions, do not create one for all since each region takes a different timeline of delivery.

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Keep your most popular products stocked

This strategy is simple to understand. The best selling, most popular product on your shelves will move more quickly than you expected. So to best serve customers and boost online sales, be certain that it won’t run out! Your Christmas campaign will come to a grinding halt if you have to email your customers and explain that you don’t have the product that they purchased!

Sell the solution, not the product.

All the successful companies in the world, not focus too much on the product itself, but the way that product can solve issues and benefit consumers. Hence, in order to boost sales, make sure when communicating with consumers, pay attention to delivering messages of how your product can help them. By doing this, they will be more willing to buy and buy with high volume also.

Bundle items

What happens if you have products that are slowly on sale and you do not knơ how to boost sales, then consider bundling them with some popular items together. The benefit your customer sees is a ‘bargain’. Products bundled together increase the perceived value of the items. This effect multiplies when bundled items are discounted. This increases your average cart spend as well as your conversion rate.

Always have gift cards handy

Some of your customers who are buying for another person might not know exactly what they want to buy. For those kinds of people, you should prepare a gift card. This will be the best option since your consumer does not know what suits the receiver, so by doing this, you can offer them flexibility. However, make sure that visitors know about them when they start their shopping in your store. This may mean a simple graphic on the homepage or a link in your website nav menu to a landing page specifically dedicated to gift cards in your store.

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Above are 10 Christmas marketing ideas to boost your online sales. There are plenty more out there, but the ones mentioned here are some of the less known ones. Time is of the essence this time of year and it’s important to know your limits.


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