10 must-have B2B features for a Magento website

10 must-have B2B features for a Magento website

Not only retail stores move to online platforms, under the impact of Covid 19, the B2B phenomenon also becomes bigger and appears online as well. As a matter of fact, B2B businesses are applying automation plus web-based solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency while saving money. Based on this issue, this article will show 10 must-have B2B features for a Magento website to maximize your profits.

Make it Mobile Ready

With over half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it is then without question that you should pay attention. And then, invest more in the appearance and make sure your web is mobile-friendly. However, that’s not the only benefit.

The bigger picture is that you also have to consider how your customer wants to place their order. From there, adjust your web to suit their buying experience and improve it.

This can help to increase your mobile conversion rate. This way, you’re fully prepared to hit the ground running in the mobile space.

Update Your Shipping Capabilities

Error in shipping is one of the primary catalysts that cause loss in revenue as well as client turnover in B2B businesses. However, this can also happen before the order is made. Some of the reasons that B2B consumers can abandon their cart can be listed out as unexpected delivery charges or complicated checkout process or expensive shipping cost.

As a matter of fact, your business can totally be impacted once those processes are not simple and speedy, consistent and reliable. The more automated and intuitive the shipping process is, the better.

Fast Image Loading for SEO

Don’t underestimate this because this sounds simple. The speed of your image loading for SEO can cause you to lose lots of potential leads if it is too long to wait. Image load speeds are important in general, but for image-heavy commerce websites, this is critical for your business.

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There are 2 reasons to explain why this is important. Firstly, your consumers are generally too busy and they require things to move as fast as possible. If the process takes time, they will likely abandon the cart since not enough information on the products is acquired. The second reason is that the faster your images load, the faster your site loads.

Make Your Web Content Actionable and Engaging

Businesses that ignore its content on the site can lose lots of potential clients. Remember that the content is your sales representative in words. So once that salesperson cannot convince consumers, they will leave. As a matter of fact, it is essential that you keep your customers engaged. In order to do so, you want to speak to their specific needs and pain points while offering the perfect solutions.

Besides the meaning, the content should also incorporate the tone-of-voice you want your brand to have. Think of your content as your side of a conversation and then you will figure out the kind of voice you should use on the content.

Customize for More Control

Differentiation is a thing that helps you to stand out and remind customers of you. In order to do that, make sure your eCommerce website can reflect that. In order to do that, spend more time observing your customer journey, and then make some adjustments if needed to customize the process following to make them feel more comfortable when buying with you. The more control you have, the better.

Implement Advanced B2B eCommerce Analytics

B2B is different from B2C, rather than using macro metrics to track, for B2B, you cannot apply the same thing as your customers is unique – even if they’re ordering the same products. Each of your customers perceives diverse shipping needs and inventory concerns. So they’ll need personalized solutions, which means you’ll need to keep up with individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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As a matter of fact, your business needs a business analytics solution that allows you to track individual catalogs, actions, and contracts. Each lead you take on could be a high-ticket repeat customer and also play an important role in retention strategy.

Personalization is Key for eCommerce Websites

From the previous points, you must now be familiar with the concept of personalization. No matter if your customers are in pre, during or post purchase, they absolutely need a personalized experience. With such unique preferences and contracts, you’ll want to present visitors with tailored catalogs and ordering options. Once you are able to do that, you can save your time when taking care of customers while gaining more satisfaction. In summary, the happier your customers, the more money you’ll make, and the faster your business will grow.

Include Discounts

Differs from B2C, B2B requires you to think more about the volume of orders. Bulk Order Discounts keep you competitive and keep your customers coming back for more. They also help you get rid of perishables and make room for new and updated products.

This is a standard practice in the wholesale business, though you can also run discounts strategically based on expiration dates and product updates.

Price Levels and Tiers

Price levels or tiers though sound simple but can actually contribute big changes to your business growth. Each one sets different conditions for each customer within it. Factors that could be affected may include the minimum order amount, the price of the products, and the bulk discounts. When a potential customer negotiates with your business, you can take their financial factors into account and offer them the terms of the tier that best suits them.

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Flexible Payment Options

A lot of B2B transactions these days are paid by credit card. Many B2B transactions these days take place online with a credit card. However, your business customers, whether because of their needs or simply their preferences, may want to be able to pay in other ways. Therefore, providing a variety of payment methods is another way to offer some personalization to B2B purchases.

Final note

Above are the 10 must-have B2B features for a Magento website. Sounds a bit much but when you spend time brainstorming and analyse, they just come down to some basic concepts. If you are still unsure of which ones to use, just consider the specific needs of your own business, as well as those of the customers you wish to target. Once they are applied, these features will help your business thrive.

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