3 Best Visual Merchandiser Apps for BigCommerce stores

3 Best Visual Merchandiser Apps for BigCommerce stores

Just as in physical stores, the arrangement and presentation of products in your online store can significantly impact customer engagement, conversions, and overall success. To help you achieve visual excellence, we’re introducing three of the best visual merchandiser app for your BigCommerce store.

Key Features of Merchandiser Apps

Merchandiser apps are vital in bringing your visual merchandising dreams to life. They offer features enabling you to strategically curate and arrange products, creating visually appealing and engaging displays. Some key features of merchandiser app include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: These apps offer an intuitive interface that allows you to effortlessly rearrange products and sections and create visually pleasing displays without any coding knowledge.
  • Dynamic Product Sorting: You can sort products based on various attributes such as popularity, price, or availability. This ensures that the most relevant products are highlighted to your customers.
  • Campaign Management: Merchandiser apps often allow you to plan and execute campaigns by visually compellingly showcasing specific products, promotions, or seasonal items.

3 Best Visual Merchandiser Apps for BigCommerce stores

App 1: Atom8

Atom8 is a comprehensive solution that stands out for its advanced automation capabilities. It brings a new level of intelligence to your BigCommerce store’s visual merchandising efforts. With Atom8, you can create dynamic product displays that respond to real-time data, such as product popularity, inventory levels, and customer preferences. This ensures that your product arrangements are continually optimized for maximum impact.

One of Atom8’s notable features is auto-adding featured products based on product attributes. Featured products are a great way to educate and incentivize customers to buy limited or special items. With Atom8, you can automatically add a featured product based on various factors. Stores have successfully featured items using product attributes, including Pricing, Orders Created, or Inventory Levels.

App 2: Product Merchandiser

Product Merchandiser offers a user-friendly solution for businesses seeking more control over their visual merchandising strategy. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly rearrange products, creating customized displays that resonate with your target audience. This app allows you to experiment with different product arrangements and layouts without technical expertise.

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What sets Product Merchandiser apart is its dynamic sorting options. You can sort products based on bestsellers, new arrivals, or prices. This ensures that the most relevant products are prominently featured, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement and conversions. By offering customization and control, Product Merchandiser empowers you to align your visual merchandising with your brand’s unique identity and marketing goals.

App 3: Shogun

While not exclusively a visual merchandising app, Shogun’s versatile visual editor is a valuable tool for creating captivating displays on your BigCommerce store. Shogun enables you to easily design custom pages, landing pages, and product showcases, utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality. This creative freedom allows you to build unique layouts that resonate with your brand and product offerings.


This integration adds a layer of intelligence to your displays, ensuring that your product arrangements respond to real-time data and customer behavior. Ready to enhance your visual merchandising game? Contact us today to explore the possibilities these merchandiser apps offer for your BigCommerce store.

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