3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your BigCommerce Store

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We all know that marketing automation can strengthen and enhance your store, especially your marketing campaigns. However, we should know how to utilize marketing automation to achieve expected results efficiently. Therefore, our article today will give you the three most powerful approaches to better use it and apply those to your BigCommerce stores.

3 Things That Bigcommerce Marketing Automation Can Help Your Store

Data-driven Measures

3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your BigCommerce Store

How can you get customer insights and their needs? There are several ways to catch customer thoughts, but the most accurate way is based on data. Customer data is valuable for generating practical insights and possible customer engagement approaches. It seems hard to figure out what your beloved customers expect, but you can do it easily with BigCommerce marketing automation. For example, Atom8 can use selling records, track customer behaviors, and export data to spreadsheets. Therefore, you will have a detailed picture of customer behavior in your eCommerce stores and customer interaction on different marketing channels. Then, the BigCommerce stores can use analytic tools to find the necessary information and run suitable marketing campaigns.

Segment Customers

3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your BigCommerce Store

As we all know, an effective marketing approach must go along with the target customer segment. Therefore, BigCommerce stores should use marketing automation such as Atom8 to classify customers into different groups based on their order value. Lifetime spends, behaviors, and feedback. We have mentioned customer data before, which is a crucial tool to segment customers. Then, you can develop different marketing approaches, which personalized content for each customer group. For example, BigCommerce can send personalized email marketing to targeted segments and give customers information about their favorite products, appealing promotions, etc. Some marketing automation like Atom8 can automatically send those emails to recipients without human intervention.

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Keep Track And Maintain Customer Relationship

3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your BigCommerce Store

Another task you can take advantage of in your marketing automation is tracking membership and rewarding loyal customers. It is undeniable that nurturing long time customer relationships is not a simple task. The automation tools can record all the customer purchases and provide BigCommerce with reliable sources to track loyalty programs and thus establish incentives to boost selling. 

Moreover, customer data from marketing automation also brings you ideas to form reward programs for your buyers. For example, if a customer usually abandons their cart when he cannot get the free shipping vouchers, the stores should give him a free shipping voucher as a reward. A reward that sticks to customer needs will strongly but naturally encourage them to buy more at your BigCommerce store.

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There are several ways that you can make better use of marketing automation. Also, you need to choose marketing automation that can cover different tasks like Atom8 to maximize your BigCommerce marketing effectiveness. We hope you can find some ideas from our list of things that Bigcommerce marketing automation can help your store and successfully apply to real contexts.


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