5 BigCommerce Transaction emails for your BigCommerce store

BigCommerce Transaction Emails

To ensure a careful, detailed, and consistent process for their customers, businesses may need transaction emails to support and keep a mutual agreement among customers. BigCommerce transaction emails need to meet specific requirements and pay attention to some key points to optimize their benefits to make them more effective. Today’s article will give you remarkable examples of BigCommerce transaction emails you can learn.

Learn From These BigCommerce Transaction Emails

Order Confirmation

5 BigCommerce transactional email examples for your BigCommerce store

When customers successfully place their order, they will receive order confirmation emails. This email is important in ensuring all the order and shipping information is true and keeping a smooth upcoming process. To avoid further inconvenience and misunderstandings, you should display all the necessary order information and allow customers to confirm via a click. Essential information includes order size, value, buyers’ information, delivery schedule, and return policies. Remember to arrange all the parts reasonably and logically like Zalando to help customers take a small amount of time to read and make a confirmation.

Delivery Confirmation

5 BigCommerce transactional email examples for your BigCommerce store

The customers need to keep track of their order shipping status with real-time notifications and immediate updates. Therefore, BigCommerce transactional emails become truly vital for shipping confirmation. The stores must include all the shipping information such as product identities, order date, shipping status, and estimated arrival date. You can give the customers the link to track and then update new status on it, or you can send short emails to update recent changes on the shipping procedure. As you can see, Away emails for shipping updates include the specific status of the delay with a detailed explanation.

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Return & Refund Confirmation

5 BigCommerce transactional email examples for your BigCommerce store

When the customers decide to cancel their orders, it is necessary to provide the details of the return and refund process in your emails. When the customers click on the Cancel button on your website, an email cancellation which includes order information and refund policy should be sent automatically. If necessary, the stores can send an email to help customers update their refund status so they will no longer worry about their loss.

Feedbacks Asking

5 BigCommerce transactional email examples for your BigCommerce store

Customer feedback is not only a valuable source of information for the business to improve their products and services but also a reliable marketing approach to persuade new customers to place orders. The business should ask for customer feedback in their BigCommerce transactional emails with appropriate incentives. For instance, you can offer customers a 5% discount on the next orders if the customers give detailed feedback with product photos.

Password Reset

5 BigCommerce transactional email examples for your BigCommerce store

The customers may need to reset their password several times during the journey, so the businesses need to ensure the BigCommerce transactional emails will include a link to take customers back to their eCommerce sites. This approach can reduce the time for customers to go back to the site manually and reduce the customer churn rate.

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From our suggestions, we hope you may have some ideas to improve your BigCommerce transaction emails and thus increase your conversion rate. Moreover, if you find it difficult to make BigCommerce transaction emails widespread to various customer segments, you can try Atom8 to classify customer groups and automatically send those emails to specific receivers.

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