5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

Conversion rate in marketing

A high conversion rate in marketing is always the most priority for all the marketers of many e-Commerce businesses. Improving conversion rate in marketing is not too complicated for companies; all you need to do is have an audience-focused and data-driven approach. Therefore, our article today will show you some powerful strategies to get a desirable conversion rate for your BigCommerce store.

5 Powerful Approaches For BigCommerce Merchants To Achieve Sky-high Conversion Rate In Marketing

Have A Landing Page For Paid-ads

5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

Paid ads are not a strange concept to lead the customers to specific products for the marketers today. It is attention-grabbing and is considered one of the most effective ways to get a high conversion rate for the e-commerce business. Businesses should spend one landing page only for the paid ads so the customers can click on the ad for specific product or service information. This approach would reduce the time to switch between two pages and allow the customers to get access to their expected products just in one click. 

Especially, when you add paid ads on your homepage so the customers can catch them the first time they visit. This approach will create a first impression and easily persuade customers to have their first orders in your eCommerce store.

Utilize CTAs On Your Web

5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

When accessing a strange website for the first time, the customer may feel lost and overwhelmed because of the wide range of products and features, so you need to have something to guide them. In this situation, using CTAs may help the customers a lot. GTA buttons can instruct the customer about the next step and what they need to do to have the first orders or something. The buttons are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and call-to-action content to boost customers’ intention to buy and discover your store.

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Shorten Information Forms

5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

As we mentioned, data-driven is powerful. However, if you want to collect customer data via form, you need to pay attention to the length of the form so the customer will not feel tired when filling it. You should include only necessary information, which can be the key to developing marketing strategies. Also, you can ask for more information in an optional survey for the customer who is willing to do it. 

Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

Video marketing has proven its power in today’s marketing world and is considered the best 

approach to catch customer attention and quickly deliver useful information about your products. Moreover, video marketing can boost customers’ curiosity about the products, making it easier to lead them to the product page. The businesses, as a result, should invest more in video marketing with catching sounds, vibrant images, and amazing content. 

Take Advantage Of Marketing Extensions

5 tips to improve conversion rate in marketing for BigCommerce merchants

It could be a mistake if we don’t mention marketing tools to strengthen your marketing strategies and have a better conversion rate. The business can use marketing extensions to conduct email marketing, product recommendation, and other related tasks that they need. They are some famous marketing tools for BigCommerce merchants, including Atom8 and Order Booster.


With our suggestions, we hope you can find some ideas to enhance your conversion rate in marketing activity and thus improve profits, revenues, and reputation of your BigCommerce store.

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