7 best BigCommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2023

bigcommerce marketing strategies

Finding approaches to increase sales is always a top priority of BigCommerce stores. There are several ways to boost sales and attract customers, which bring different results. To help you not be overwhelmed by a wide range of techniques, our article today will suggest robust BigCommerce marketing strategy for your store development.

7 Best BigCommerce Marketing Strategies That You Should Never Miss

Launch Email Marketing

7 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022

Considered the most effective approach to communicating directly with the customers, email marketing should be on top of your list. You can deliver different kinds of information, including promotions, product information, and engagement to the customers via emails. There are several kinds of emails, but you need to pay attention to certain features to make the emails more effective. You need to personalize email content to fit each customer’s demand and enclose a link to take customers directly to your site. Also, to enhance efficiency, you should use an automation app like Atom8 to automatically send email marketing to the target customer segment.

Create Blogs With SEO

7 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022

To boost sales, you need to care about your site’s appearance on Google ranking and enhance the possibility customers can find out your eCommerce site through searching. Therefore, BigCommerce businesses should create blogs and articles with engaging content and powerful SEO. Some great signs of an SEO-friendly blog include keyword density, impressive titles and meta description, and powerful site performance, which largely contribute to the conversion.

Engage On Social Media

7 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022

It is valuable if your BigCommerce stores become famous on social media. Therefore, BigCommerce stores should boost promotion on social media platforms to reach the target audience and convert them to customers. Businesses should schedule updating posts on social media to keep customers engaged and run paid ads to invite audiences to visit your BigCommerce store naturally.

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Boost Loyalty Program

Bigcommerce customer loyalty marketing

A loyalty program is considered the most powerful BigCommerce marketing strategy to attract old customers and encourage reordering. An attractive loyalty program will boost sales and maintain long-term customer relationships. There are different ways to run loyalty programs: accumulating points based on the amount spent, and the number of orders.

Take Advantage Of KOLs/Influencers

Bigcommerce KOL Marketing

If you want to make stores widespread on social media with reviews, you need to take advantage of KOLs/Influencers. They are people who can connect with our target audience and share product information with them and promote our brand. However, businesses should choose suitable KOLs in their fields to convince customers to come to the BigCommerce store easily.

Personalized Content Blog

Bigcommerce multichannel marketing

As you advertise your blogs to reach different segments, you need to personalize blog content to fit each group. Personalized content will increase marketing effectiveness and provide customers with interesting information rather than a mass of irrelevant texts.

Product Recommendation

7 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022

Product recommendation is also known as cross-selling and up-sell, which offer more related products for the customers to shop. To conduct this strategy more effectively and efficiently, you should utilize OrderBooster to categorize customer segments and suggest well-matched items.

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Finding the best BigCommerce marketing strategies for your eCommerce store is not too hard. We hope you can collect some awesome ideas from our list, apply them to your BigCommerce stores, and then wait for promising results.


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