A complete guide to maximizing BigCommerce wholesale customer experience

bigcommerce wholesale

As a BigCommerce wholesaler, you deal with different kinds of customers and retailers, each requires different selling procedures and policies. Therefore, trying to optimize your wholesale customer experience is not simple. To help you, our article today will recommend some powerful approaches for wholesalers to boost their customer satisfaction.

Robust Measures To Enhance BigCommerce Wholesale Customer Experience

Segment Customer Groups

A complete guide to maximizing BigCommerce wholesale customer experience

As we mentioned, your stores will service a variety of customers who opt for several selling strategies and product preferences. Therefore, to come up with suitable approaches for each segmentation, you should utilize automation tools to classify customers into different groups. An automation application can track their behaviors and record historical purchases to segment customers. Also, you can manage selling activity in groups to take better control and quick actions. 

Personalize Product Recommendation

A complete guide to maximizing BigCommerce wholesale customer experience

The larger your eCommerce store is, The more difficult your customer can find their expected product. Therefore, product recommendations will be the instructors to help customers quickly find out their needed items. In fact, there are some BigCommerce applications that can rely on customer group behaviors and preferences to pop up suitable suggestions. Moreover, those tools also can utilize previous or annual orders to recommend the wholesalers some possible items.

Allow Order In Bulks

A complete guide to maximizing BigCommerce wholesale customer experience

A wholesaling customer usually places high-value orders which include thousands of items. Therefore it is really tedious for them to put each item into their cart till they need the quantity demanded. As a result, BigCommerce stores should offer a different way to make new orders like directly inputting SKUs with quantity. Another way is to place orders based on previous purchase information so they can easily order in bulk without jumping among long product pages. BigCommerce marketplace offers various choices of bulk orders app, which can bring different buying options for the wholesalers.

Simplify Payment Processes

A complete guide to maximizing BigCommerce wholesale customer experience

Your wholesale customers are ones who are truly busy, so they don’t want to waste their time on long-lasting payment processes. Therefore, BigCommerce payment processes should be shortened. Although customer data is truly crucial for it for further approaches and engagement, store runners shouldn’t force them to fill in all the information boxes. Also, the diversity of payment methods is a decisive factor to make enhancing buyer experiences. Currently, digital payments are becoming famous for their speed, convenience, and security. You may consider offering those payment gates for your customers. Also, to help your customers save time for their next purchases, your store can save their paymentz` information so every time they need to pay the bills, they only need to enter the password or OTP instead of providing the whole payment information again.


Wholesale demands BigCommerce stores take extra steps in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience. To optimize your BigCommerce wholesale customer experience, use our inventory management app BackOrder

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