AR Warehouse Management: Optimize Your Inventory Processes


Augmented reality (AR) technology is useful in various fields, including warehouse management. AR-enabled phones and proper glasses can save time and help staff make fewer mistakes during inventory processes. Let’s look at how AR warehouse management will help your business!

Benefits of AR in Inventory Processes

One crucial benefit of AR is its application in inventory management, which was previously a paper-based task requiring intensive and time-consuming training. With AR, inventory processes can be digitally overlooked and managed remotely.

Improve Picking Productivity

AR Warehouse Management: Optimize Your Inventory Processes

Order picking is among the most cost-intensive tasks: extracting the right product in the correct quantity from the appropriate section is arduous. With AR headsets connected to mobile devices, workers will be guided in picking the right locations as quickly as possible. With visual recognition, AR systems will help identify and confirm the product. Once the order picking is completed, automation will take over and update the whole system and log the activity.

Reduce Picking Errors

Errors are always familiar with warehouse picking. But with the help of AR, your employee will be guided to the right product. The smart glass will scan the barcode of the product as a factor of authentication, then study the scope of errors and processes, saving time and improving system accuracy.

Also, automation will completely take over the automatic tracking of products, maintaining accuracy and relevancy according to a real-time inventory data feed. That way, it improves visibility and quality control.

Inventory Optimization

Manual inventory management systems are too slow and constantly challenged, while AR glasses can improve the supply chain by optimizing stock workflows. Employees can glance at various items with those devices while the smart glasses scan and record their barcodes. Once recorded, your team can follow instructions directly and sort items accurately and quickly.

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Reduce Operational Costs

AR Warehouse Management: Optimize Your Inventory Processes

AR increases the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations, saving the additional costs that are typically used in locating, order picking, and tracking. It also saves countless company resources and manhours. In addition, warehouse managers can train new employees without additional effort, which saves effort and time.

Hands-Free Experience

AR systems can allow your employees to keep their hands free to pick up items according to the list displayed in the headsets. Also, as a product is selected, the technology will check that it is the correct one using optical barcode readers, then tell the employee who is the next logical item. Therefore, your employees can work efficiently, maintain system accuracy, and reduce movement around your warehouse.

Employee Monitoring And Training 

AR glasses can be applied to virtual training sessions for your new hires. This interactive form of education will ensure smooth onboarding as well as improve collaboration between teams. This also allows them to practice repeatedly without hampering and delaying any currently active processes.

Warehouse Planning

As for all businesses, leaders need to plan warehouse operations to achieve maximum efficiency. With AR glasses and data-driven automation, they can now plan and put their protocols to the test.


AR solutions will soon be the new normal for a multitude of fields. So you can put your business ahead of the competition right now by applying AR warehouse management to improve business performance. If you don’t know where to start, contact us now!


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