ARVR Stock Management: The Future of Inventory Control


A warehouse, used to store goods and items for commercial purposes, is among the supply chain’s most crucial and essential parts. In today’s fast-paced digital world, many businesses leverage AR & VR for warehouse management activities to simplify and improve complex warehouse operations and bolster supply chain processes. Thanks to that, they can ensure accurate, speedy, optimized inventory, order picking, and material handling processes. Keep reading for more information about ARVR stock management.

ARVR And The Future of Inventory Control

ARVR Stock Management: The Future of Inventory Control

In a warehouse, stock management is one of the most important aspects managers must consider. And one of the most daunting activities in a stock management process is inventory checking. 

About a decade ago, employees had to rush around the warehouse to check if the stock was good-to-go, should be replenished, was in the right condition, etc. The traditional stocktaking methods were paper-based and time-consuming.

To ensure desired work outcomes, businesses had to cough up money to provide employees with cost-intensive training. Since the process involved humans, errors and inaccurate stocktaking were inevitable. So businesses couldn’t expect the work always be done accurately and flawlessly.

Some major companies have applied barcode scanning systems to control and management inventory, bringing in a new wave of revolution and innovation in the inventory control and checking process. One quick scan can instantly provide detailed information on a product. However, although barcode scanners are very beneficial, they are too cost-prohibitive due to the demand for hardware enhancement.

ARVR Stock Management: The Future of Inventory Control

On the flip side, ARVR allows warehouse staff and managers to manage stocks all hands-free. With the help of smart glass, a worker can get comprehensive information on performing a particular task. 

For instance, a worker can see essential information such as the trolley number, order number, bin information, passage number displayed on the screen, and more. This information will help the worker to determine which products should be loaded into which bin so that they can carry out the loading and unloading process without delay.

The Bottom Line

Today, ARVR stock management is just beginning to be explored, showing incredible potential. Every essential warehouse-related operation, such as receiving, classifying, sorting, and storing the items, stocktaking, managing inventories, inventory replenishment, assembling, packing, and dispatching, is streamlined, automated, and painless today thanks to advanced technologies.


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