No-sweat tactics for efficient eCommerce automatic reorder

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As a growth manager or marketing strategist, you likely need more helping hands. Therefore, automatic reorder is an excellent solution. From managing marketing campaigns to optimizing content, you need to hire several experts or invest in eCommerce marketing automation. This post will introduce some key benefits of combining eCommerce with marketing automation. Let’s dive into No-sweat tactics for efficient eCommerce automatic reorder

Use Dynamic Content To Engage Customers 

Dynamic content refers to customizing your content for visitors. With dynamic range, the content and images on your pages adapt to users’ in-session behavior, demographic data, and characteristics. This offers two benefits. First, presenting relevant offers helps in decreasing bounce and increasing conversions. Second, it allows you to create personalized experiences.

If you are looking for an example, think about the last time you logged into your Amazon account. Did you notice a tab that gave you several product recommendations based on your search history or purchase pattern? Amazon even suggests bundled products curated as per the browsing behavior of millions of its customers. 

Adda247, an educational tech company, employed dynamic messaging to retarget users and improve its conversion rate by 35%. Faced with a high level of user abandonment, the company utilized MoEngage’s platform to personalize its messaging based on product description and past shopping behavior, leading to a 27% increase in CTRs, higher engagement, and more conversions.

Recover Revenue With Abandoned Cart Emails and Automation

Sadly, approximately 70% of shoppers abandon their carts online. In revenue terms, abandoned carts cause eCommerce businesses to lose a staggering $18 billion annually, says Forrester Research. But what if you could turn around the situation and convert your abandoned carts into opportunities?

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Just because someone didn’t complete a purchase doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy what’s in their cart. There could be hundreds of reasons why someone didn’t complete a purchase. For instance, it could be a faulty Wi-Fi connection, as Adidas points out, non-availability of preferred payment options, etc. Adidas also doesn’t stop at just one email but sends four abandoned cart emails over a month. You can follow a similar strategy to increase your order rate by sending a series of abandoned cart emails that allow customers to pick up their purchase where they left and alternate payment options to speed up the process.

Sending emails to each customer at a time sounds exhausted already to you? Do not worry, because we are here to introduce an excellent solution to this. Check out Atom8, an automation app that allows you to set up and send emails without you standing by automatically. You need to set up the content, the receiver list, and the timetable. The app will do the rest for you, fast and accurately. Besides the ability to automatically send emails to remind customers after x days not yet accomplished the order, plenty of other functions can surprise you. Take a chance and find out more. 

Win Back Users With Targeted Email Campaigns

Have you not seen a customer of yours for a while? Touch base with them through a win-back email campaign and let them know how much you missed them.

It is possible to set triggered email campaigns for users that haven’t been active for ‘X’ number of days. However, use a strong subject line for better open rates and match it with actionable content for adequate click-throughs. You may even add an incentive for subscribers to revisit your eCommerce stores, such as reduced membership fees or discount offers. 

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You can also consider setting up a sequence of win-back emails (as seen in the image below) to get the attention of your subscribers at regular intervals.

Re-engage Old Leads Using eCommerce Automation

eCommerce marketing automation helps you re-engage with old leads that had shown interest in your product or service in the past but lost touch due to some reason. What if you could reach out to them with new content and offers to boost your sales?

For instance, you may identify old leads from past conversations and send them promotional coupons with dynamic expiration dates so that they don’t miss out on the promotion, even if they see your email later. With a passionate expiration date – say five days from opening the email – every coupon will expire on a different date. This can be easily automated without any manual effort from your end.

Use Chatbots for Customer Service

Customer service is a focal area for most eCommerce businesses and requires you to employ dedicated resources to tend to your customers 24/7. This translates into a significant amount of revenue for any business, which can be optimized with the introduction of chatbots in the front line of your customer service.

But that’s not all. You can also use chatbots in retail and give your shoppers a highly personalized experience. One popular and highly successful example is the Nike StyleBot which helps customers style their shoes and browse previously uploaded designs for inspiration. Shoppers can interact with Nike StyleBot on Facebook Messenger to mix and match, create their designs and share them with friends – making the whole experience a lot more fun.

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Now that you know how eCommerce marketing automation can help you grow in 2021, you might be wondering how to get started on eCommerce automatic reorder? The simplest way is to invest in a unified automated marketing platform that lets you set up personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns.

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