Enable new product alert automation on your BigCommerce store

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Taking control over all BigCommerce store activities is not a single task. Among tons of workload and tasks assigned, it is difficult for the employees to keep notice of new products and conduct follow tasks on schedule. Therefore, they need a tool with a smooth workflow to get new product alerts on BigCommerce stores. Our article today will give you a suggested way to automate new product alert so you will no longer be afraid of missing the updates.

How To Get New Product Alerts On Your BigCommerce Store

Manage The Inventory

Automatically new product alert on BigCommerce store

The very first step of the schedule restocks plan is taking control of your inventory. The businesses need to keep track of selling activities, and factors that can make changes to inventory status and do necessary research to forecast the demand for better stock preparation. A selling report is a valuable source to foresee upcoming demand and plan for safety stocks. Then, BigCommerce businesses can schedule restock plans to replenish unavailable items and maintain seamless selling.  

New Stock Notification

Automatically new product alert on BigCommerce store

Next, the BigCommere stores need to use an automation application to get automatic notifications when the stocks are refilled. For instance, Atom8 can bring real-time notifications to people in charge, so they can easily catch the newest updates on the inventory to conduct the next tasks. Moreover, the business should schedule an expected restock date so they can receive a notification if the process is behind schedule to come up with alternative approaches.  

“New Arrival” Notification

Automatically new product alert on BigCommerce store

We also can send our valued customers a new product alert to invite them to shop for the new arrivals. Atom8 is also a helpful tool for these tasks. It can alert the customers via an online notification on eCommerce stores and via emails. However, to avoid disturbing customers, you should only send alerts to the customers who need it, based on searching history, past purchases and other kinds of customer data. The automation application can easily connect different departments with a close-knit workflow to bring the customers the most updated, fast and accurate product alerts.

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Advertise New Products

Automatically new product alert on BigCommerce store

Product alert is not enough to broadcast your store’s new arrivals to all target customers. Therefore, eCommerce businesses need to come up with different approaches such as email marketing, product recommendation, and running ads on different social media platforms. To advertise different kinds of products to the different target segments, you may need some application like Atom8 to deliver the newest product information to a suitable segment. Right approaches to needed customer groups will enhance the effectiveness of marketing activities, boost store revenues and maintain customer relationships.

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Keeping track of business activities in this busy and fast-paced context requires some tools to help employees connect with the systems. Therefore, businesses may really need an application that can bring new product alerts of the new arrival, inventory changes, and order management. If you are finding an awesome solution for your BigCommerce stores, you can choose Atom8 to keep in touch with your BigCommerce store operation.


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