Why eCommerce merchants need to understand automation as a service

automation as a service

Automation transformation is one of the current trends in the eCommerce world. Automation-as-a-service is a new term that needs eCommerce merchants to have a detailed understanding to improve their business automation. Today, our article will give you a detailed explanation of why business runners should understand but in today’s eCommerce context.

Is It Necessary To Understand Automation As A Service?

What Is Automation As A Service

Automation-as-a-service transforms human-making services into software-based services that minimize human intervention in business tasks and create a seamless customer experience. Traditionally, business runners spend hours on repetitive and busy business tasks to speed up the process or boost productivity. The invention of automation strengthened business operations and created an intelligent and smooth eCommerce business world. If you want to succeed in this competitive business world, you should never miss this.

Benefits Of Automation As A Service

Enhance Customer Management

Automation-as-a-service can enrich the data flows and help the business runners to take advantage of it. The automation can track customers’ behaviors on your eCommerce sites and collect data on their preferences, order spending, recent views, pain points, etc., to group them into different segments. Then, the managers can manage each group more effectively and easily by tracking customer loyalty to have suitable approaches for retaining at-risk groups and maintaining relationships with the champions.

Boost Business Growth

The clearest and most transparent benefit of automation-as-a-service is to boost business productivity by automating exhausting and tiring business tasks. Therefore, they can spend their time on more profitable things to enhance employee satisfaction and contribute to business growth. Moreover, automation-as-a-service is a cost-efficient approach as the business runners only need to pay for software fees. This considers being cheaper than labor costs.

Get Closer To Customer

Automation as a service creates chances for eCommerce businesses to take full advantage of customer data. For example, the automation app, Atom8, can automatically send personalized email marketing to the target audience to upsell, cross-sell, and engage target customers. As a result, automation applications can help you boost revenues, get closer to customers and deliver your brand’s messages directly to your beloved customers.

Examples Of Automation

Netflix is one of the most successful and remarkable examples of adopting automation in this decade. All the selling activities are operated automatically from welcoming customers, instructing them to choose a plan, processing the payment, engaging during their journey, and suggesting top suitable programs based on their preferences. With this approach, Netflix can provide a seamless and consistent experience for their customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting business growth.


Automation-as-a-service can leverage your business at a level higher than you imagine. We hope that our information above can help you comprehend this concept and develop a suitable approach to automate your eCommerce businesses.

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