3 inspirational b2b eCommerce case studies for Magento merchants

b2b ecommerce case studies

Running a B2B eCommerce business can sometimes be a challenge–especially if you’re new to using an eCommerce platform. There are many complexities to running a B2B business that stands out from B2C eCommerce and other forms of selling online. From processing complex orders, engaging with your audience, and optimizing your site for inbound marketing, a lot goes into managing an eCommerce website. While it can often seem like a journey of trials and errors, there’s no doubt that your business will benefit from having a greater presence online. It’s time to set your sights on writing your own eCommerce success story. Be inspired by these 3 inspirational B2B eCommerce case studies for Magento merchants.

The Global Expansion of Rubik’s

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Everyone knows the Rubik’s Cube is the #1 selling puzzle game in history. So when Rubik’s decided to take their business online, they knew that they had the opportunity to broaden their reach; and increase their revenue. According to Rubik’s eCommerce and Digital Marketing Director, Fabrice Druelle, Rubik’s was in the market for an eCommerce platform. Which would allow them to scale their business and expand to new countries.

With Magento Commerce 2, Rubik’s was able to launch quickly. Within four months, their customer experience moved from a catalog-based site to a more interactive experience; with more options for toy distributors, fresh content, a new check-out process, and a wider range of features. Their (UK) revenue increased by 150 percent in the first six months and their conversion rate doubled. In Rubik’s case, choosing a more flexible and scalable eCommerce platform enabled them to grow their business significantly; and offer a better experience to their distributors and customers.

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Planning for the Future with HP

HP manufactures computers, workstations, and printers for businesses and consumers alike. When they decided to expand their Asia-Pacific division (and open five online stores), they realized they needed to work on a B2B eCommerce business plan that was future-ready but still had a “local feel”. HP turned to Magento Commerce for a platform that could support multiple stores globally. With the best in site navigation, design templates, and on-site security, Magento was an obvious choice when it came to expanding their B2B eCommerce website.

b2b ecommerce case studies

Creating several new online stores in different regions came with its own set of obstacles–particularly; in terms of content, processing payments, and language translation. They built the right website for their company, the transition was seamless and the payoff was significant. The result was a more “local” feel for users online; and a movement of 23 percent of users opting to purchase their products online as opposed to at an in-person store.

Building Projects Made Easy with Selco

Selco Builders Warehouse is a British brand that connects building contractors and tradespeople with building material products. As a B2B sales company that values digital expansion and creative advertising, Selco utilized the Magento platform to connect with entrepreneurs and businesses online. However, they recognized that contractors are busy people; so they wanted to eliminate the headaches of searching for materials and tools in a vast catalog.


Countless brands have taken their businesses online, opening online stores and investing in their own B2B eCommerce platform. The success of these brands depends on a combination of the right platform, the right message, and the right marketing strategy. The B2B eCommerce case studies above represent B2B companies that understand the necessity to keep up with the changing times; and the value in providing new solutions to complex problems. If you are a beginner and looking for a tool that involves some of these elements at the same time; then check out Grit Global. A Magento b2b website that offers you multiple channels, flexibility in creating customizing catalogs, prices as well as Comprehensive Inventory Management Features. You will not have to worry and do tasks on your own with this genius invention. Let this be a part of your journey ahead. 

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