B2B eCommerce fulfillment best practices

b2b ecommerce fulfillment

The fast and accurate B2B eCommerce order fulfillment is a powerful factor to encourage customers to buy at your stores again and maintain long-term customer relationships. However, the businesses, especially the large ones sometimes make some mistakes that make customers satisfied and increase cart abandonment. Therefore, our article today will recommend some B2B eCommerce fulfillment practices that you can apply to your selling activities.

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Focus On Order Information Accuracy

The first element to form an outstanding B2B eCommerce fulfillment process is accuracy. It would be terrible if the customers order the unavailable products or receive the wrong shipment. The careless procedure can lead to customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss and cut the customer relationship

The first thing you need to do to reinforce accurate fulfillment is preventing customers from buying unavailable products. The inventory status needs to be accurate, consistent and updated in real-time. Therefore, the business runner needs to invest more in inventory management systems, especially those who are selling via various channels. Moreover, before sending the order information to the third-party, the sellers can send the order information confirmation to the customers via emails to reduce mistakes and misunderstanding.

Conduct Low-cost Shipping

The costly shipping is one of the main reasons which cause customer satisfaction and worsen customer loyalty. The customers are willing to pay more for expensive and high-quality products but they will hesitate to pay more for the standard delivery. If you offer an expensive shipping fee, you should ensure a fast and high product-protected shipping service for all the customers. Otherwise, it would be better if you can offer low-cost shipping or free shipping. 

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To offer low-cost or even free shipping, you can integrate your eCommerce inventory system with external shipping services or shipping solutions to have a right to manage the shipping rates. Moreover, you can set the minimum order values at which the customers can get free shipping to boost sales and alleviate the shipping cost burden. Also, you can adopt dropshipping to lower the cost of delivery. 

Conduct Fast Shipping

The customers are still unhappy with the free but very late delivery, so how can you ensure the smooth and fast shipping process and avoid late delivery? You may need to diversify your distributors. When an order is placed, based on customers’ address, you can pick the product from the nearest distributors. Then the shipping process may be faster and more convenient. Moreover, all the order information needs to be exported to an accessible database. Then, both the sellers and buyers can come and keep track of the shipping process. Therefore, they can notify if there is any strange signal which can potentially cause late delivery. As a result, the businesses can take action immediately to fasten the shipping procedure and minimize late delivery.

Ready To Solve Logistics Problems

With the streamlined system, the sellers can identify arising problems which happen during the fulfillment process. For example, if there are some mistakes in inventory tracking and the customers purchased the unavailable items, the businesses need to be ready to contact other distributors to supply the right products immediately or utilize BackOrder and the customers can receive the shipment on a later date. 

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B2B eCommerce fulfillment is not a complicated process but businesses need to be careful in every step to reduce mistakes. We hope that our article can bring some eye-opening ideas that you can use to strengthen your B2B eCommerce fulfillment.


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