5 must have B2B eCommerce softwares


Side by side with the significant growth of digital commerce, as an influence of pandemic, online businesses are emerging. As noted in a report of Statista.com, the global B2B eCommerce market is valued 6 times bigger than B2C. This number is on the tendency to increase even more quickly. This will cause more and more merchants to set up their online businesses, which results in raising the demand for B2B eCommerce softwares.


Must-have features for B2B eCommerce softwares


Needless to say, security is one of the biggest priority of each enterprise. That assumption is even more correct as in the Internet era, the world becomes flat and information leakage is totally easy. Top B2B eCommerce platforms need to keep not only their retailers but also buyer data as safe as possible.


When speaking of customization, we can refer to a modifying program that software cannot normally do. With customization, the software can attract more merchants to use it. The reason is it helps to save time and money, especially with scaling up. They can totally make changes to the store functionality without hiring third parties to do it for them. They are able to design it based on there and make adjustments to the fullest as desired. 


Wholesale eCommerce just like its name, relates to large quantities of purchase. If it is built in the right way by merchants, they can earn more opportunities toward their business as sales increase, cost decrease. B2B buyers can be identical to B2C customers. Personalization and customer experience are essential to them. Therefore, you need to set up an eCommerce software that offers wholesale eCommerce features in order to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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Must have B2B eCommerce Softwares


A business usually has so many tasks that require attention. They might feel overwhelmed with managing the consumer cycle from lead to sales. In this case, a CRM solution is what they need. This software offers them to follow all business activities.

With only one platform, you can view and see a big picture of how your business is running. You are able to track all the sales back in the past, see who takes care of it and what customers are buying. From this detailed information that together forms a big scene, you can then make a plan on the way you want to target your potential customer, how to optimize what you have and supercharged conversion channels.

Order management system

Order management systems (OMS) are eCommerce software whose main task is to track and monitor the customer order journey. It covers the process from the beginning till the end. This can be involved in stock management and fulfillment as smoothly as possible.

Based on this introduction, it can be totally easy to draw out the importance of OMS. Firstly, it helps you to maintain accurate stock levels. Both over and under stocking can cause businesses to waste money and provoke the risk of losing customers. In that situation, OMS by tracking orders will help you to keep the right amount of stock and satisfy customers. 

Secondly, by using OMS, you are able to see your sales and data ordering, which helps you to have some deep insights about the process and from there, planning turns more simple. And in the end, all of this can save you a big amount of time. 

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B2B Ecommerce Platform

As a business, you will have a lot of orders. In addition, according to Statista.com, B2B market is increasing and it is valued 6 times bigger than B2C. Hence, it is essential that you can take care of these consumers well. Business-to-business eCommerce websites provide a way for your customers to purchase your products online, and a host of other benefits to your organization. Imagine your customers, dealers or distributors seeing both their online and offline orders in one place, managing their orders, budgets, seeing their pricing and available promotions through an online experience. Also, with the integration of a purpose-built B2B eCommerce digital experience platform, businesses can maximize efficiency, increase sales and improve customer experience. 

Customer service applications

Customer service can be a strong point if businesses can manage them properly since it adds to the value of your product. Statistica report shows that about 66% of consumers are willing to pay more and to spend more time with businesses with good service. However, it will cost a fortune if businesses pay to have a team of representatives to answer each and every one of customer concerns. If you fail to respond to them quickly enough, you might lose a potential lead. So, it is such a wise investment to use customer service applications. They allow you to provide the information to shoppers quickly and without spending a lot of money.



Above are the 5 must-have B2B eCommerce software that each merchant big or small should really consider applying to their businesses. With the right action, these can be wise investments that save your money in the long run, save your time and effort. Not to mention, it can increase your revenue and customer retention.

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