Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

best bigcommerce themes

BigCommerce is truly a wonderful eCommerce platform for many businesses. BigCommerce offers users different features to strengthen their stores, including hosting, selling functions, and themes. Store themes also play a vital role in boosting sales and attracting customers, so you may need to pay more attention to those. Our article today will suggest the top 8 BigCommerce themes to help you gain higher revenues.

Gain Sky-high Revenues With Those Best BigCommerce Themes


Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2022

Normally, the free ones are not the good ones. However, BigCommerce offers Vaults as a free but really powerful theme. If your store needs a large menu to display all the parts, you can choose this theme as Vault provides a large and extended menu in the form of tables that you can adjust the sizes. You will be free to change the color palettes, texts, icons and images, and banners easily and headlessly.  

Moreover, when wearing this theme, your BigCommerce stores will pretty much fit desktop and mobile visits, so customers can easily access the sites from any device. The visitors may love the product comparison table, which allows them to compare two products.

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Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2022

The next BigCommerce theme will cost $195, called Chiara. This theme matches the stores with a wide range of products to sell on Chiara’s massive product catalog. Also, it has an impressive interface with aesthetic and dynamic design. If you find difficulties in customizing, you can read the enclosed instructions about the setting up, customization, and modifications. It is energetic and can be suitable for the toy, fashion, and sports industries.

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Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

Milano is a BigCommerce theme that can catch customers’ attention at a glance with its creative and innovative design. If you find a warm and cool-colored piece that makes your product more eye-catching, you love it. You may find it easy to adjust the menu size, title, and background color to make it suit your eCommerce store. 


Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

Runway BigCommerce theme can make your store appealing with the large picture on the homepage and flexible sidebar switching. This theme spends a large space for your product displayed so the customers can take a detailed look at the products, including their photos, features, and reviews from previous buyers. If you follow minimalism and bright, warm styles, you may find those at Runway.


Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

A supermarket is a BigCommerce theme that can boost your marketing activities and spend site space to attract and engage customers. This theme provides a nice home page, sidebar, banner, home page, pop-ups, and so on, and the marketers can put deals, promotions, and advertisements on those to catch customer attention. 


Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

Comes from Pixel Union, Scales is a BigCommerce theme that can level up your eCommerce store. Scales can boost your product advertisements with the advanced quick view. The quick view helps customers know more about the products without switching to the product page. Scales theme aims at convenience, allowing customers to conduct one-page checkout and shopping cart functions directly from the products grid. 


Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

If your business sticks to a minimalism style, it can be well-matched to the Cornerstore BigCommerce theme. It gives users the most simple, easy-to-use, elegant, and neat design. With call-to-action buttons and banners, businesses can display different things to attract customers and boost sales. It is easy to customize, and adjust and make it unique for your business without high-tech requirements. The Cornerstore theme is truly for beginners.

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Parts Warehouse

Best 8 BigCommerce Themes for better sales in 2023

If you run a large business with thousands of product lines, you can satisfy your business with the Parts Warehouse BigCommerce theme. The most outstanding point of this theme is a massive product catalog, and the customers may find it more easily to reach their expected items via flexible navigation. Some industries are perfectly suitable for this theme, including home, garden, electronics, computers, and sports.

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We have introduced the top 8 BigCommerce themes for your eCommerce store. We hope you can choose the most suitable one based on your industries, size of businesses, styles, budget and apps running on it. If you are finding eCommerce applications which are fully compatible with BigCommerce themes, Atom8 for automation and BackOrder for backorders are worthy to consider.


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