Best BackOrder app for each eCommerce platform

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Whether you’re experienced in eCommerce or just getting started, there’s a good chance you’ll need to use backorder apps at some point. The apps allow you to manage and order inventory that is out of stock or not yet available. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the best backorder apps for some of the most popular eCommerce platforms. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using these apps and how they can help your business grow. Stay tuned!

Why are backorder apps important?

Best BackOrder app for each eCommerce platform

Backorders can be a good thing, but they can also cause customers to be dissatisfied. They may choose to look for a competitor who has the item they need in stock. In some cases, customers can even cancel pending orders.

Backorders are a way to generate hype about your products and brand. However, there are many backorders that don’t serve your customers well. They can lead to lost sales, and customers may look elsewhere to find what they need. 

Using a backorder app allows you to offer customers the chance to purchase an item that is temporarily out of stock. The item is then shipped to the customer at a later date. This is a good way to increase customer loyalty and to maintain sales.

Best BackOrder app for each eCommerce platform

Best backorder app for each eCommerce platform


Simply put, BackOrder enables your store to keep selling things even after the quantity drops to zero. You must designate a product to BackOrder in order to make it available for purchase even when it is out of stock. The app can help you:

  • Inform customers when some products are out of stock.
  • Give customers the option to order on a specific day and have it delivered.
  • Automated processes enhance productivity and client experiences.
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Cin7 is an automated inventory management tool for businesses with annual sales of over $1 million. Cin7 automates order processes for improved efficiency and synchronizes its inventory with sales and orders across all offline and online sales channels. 

For enterprises like asset management or rentals, Cin7 is not the best option. But it helps companies that sell or distribute items keep costs low, margins high, cash flow strong, and stock levels appropriate.

Best BackOrder app for each eCommerce platform

inFlow Inventory

To monitor sales and buy orders, reorder products, and update stock, you can use the app on your PC, browser, and smartphone. The app integrates with several of the leading eCommerce sites and is tailored for the work at hand.

With just a few clicks, you may create your own barcodes or use pre-existing ones to begin scanning items off the shelf with your smartphone or their specialist inFlow Smart Scanner. You can develop statistics to determine which of your customers or items are the most profitable thanks to inFlow, which provides a complete history of inventory movement for each product.

Odoo Inventory

Users of the backorder apps from Odoo can develop original websites by using a drag-and-drop editor. Calls to action, company blogs, customer portals, and other features are among those that you can add as needed. 

The integrated SEO tool automatically manages for websites’ technical 301 redirects, Google schemas, page speeds, sitemaps, and other SEO-related chores. The eCommerce software enables online product sales through specialized product pages, interfaces with payment gateways, and delivery companies.

Best BackOrder app for each eCommerce platform

QuickBooks Commerce

With QuickBooks Commerce, you can keep track of your products as you sell and refill them across various channels and warehouse locations. You can also handle orders and inventory for your multichannel business.

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QuickBooks Commerce enables businesses to automate, integrate, and gain sophisticated, on-demand insights into all of their sales data.

In Conclusion,

If you’re looking for a backorder app to help manage your inventory and fulfill orders, we recommend using BackOrder. It’s the only backorder application built specifically for BigCommerce stores, and it integrates seamlessly with your platform. With BackOrder, you can rest assured that all of your backordered items will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.


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