Best BigCommerce app to automatically manage customers


Serving a large number of customers is always a desire for many BigCommerce businesses. However, having thousands of customers may generate some challenges related to customer management. Therefore, to carefully organize customer data, assist customers whenever they need it, and come up with suitable approaches sticking to customer insights. We are here today to suggest top BigCommerce apps to work on customer management and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Boost Customer Satisfaction With Those Bigcommerce App To Manage Customers


Best BigCommerce app to automatically manage customers

Customer management involves a large number of tasks and processes which require high accuracy and fast response. BigCommerce merchants need an automation application to handle manual and repetitive customer-related tasks. Atom8 can automate your strategies based on pre-set workflows, which you can freely choose and customize from the library. BigCommerce stores use Atom8 to automate customer segmentation based on different criteria, email marketing, real-time notifications, keeping track of customer rewards, and so on. Moreover, Atom8 is able to integrate with other applications. BigCommerce store runners can go beyond the customer management tasks, and give them more specific interactions.

LiveChat + Customer Insight

Best BigCommerce app to automatically manage customers

LiveChat is a BigCommerce app to manage customers. This app helps you take direct actions on customer management, providing better customer experience. It strengthens your order management process by displaying the order history of each buyer to identify current and potential issues. Also, this BigCommerce app allows sellers to communicate with the customer via chat invitation. The most outstanding feature of LiveChat is the built-in helpdesk, which keeps track and follows up on store interactions. This way, the business can keep the buyers in touch seamlessly. 

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Best BigCommerce app to automatically manage customers

If you are running business through various channels, you need an app to connect and synchronize all leads for management. Sales channel connection features of eDesk can help businesses move all the necessary information such as order information, delivery tracking, etc. to one place. Moreover, eDesk has a strong ability to analyze customer trends, to give the business runners insights to satisfy customers and grow.


Best BigCommerce app to automatically manage customers

ActiveCampaign enhances personalization and gives customers a unique experience based on their preferences. This BigCommerce app possesses a tracking tool to follow and get meaningful information from customer behavior. AC tracks customer interaction to give you the foundation to come up with different approaches. ActiveCampaign provides data for the whole customer lifecycle for an overall picture to manage all customer segments of your business. Also, this app is suitable for all business sizes, so you don’t need to worry about the number of customers it can handle.

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We hope our suggestions for the BigCommerce app to manage customers will empower your customer management processes. Therefore, you will no longer have a headache due to serving a large number of buyers and thus give them a better experience on their shopping journey. If you need more support and solution for customer management, feel free to contact us.


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