Best eCommerce platform reviews: Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify is known as the most popular e-commerce platform. Two platforms have considerable differences in many aspects, so different business demands will be suitable for another forum. Our article today will analyze and review Magento vs. Shopify in terms of pricing plan, interface, ease of use, and extensions. Out comparison will help you decide the best-fitted one for your eCommerce businesses.

Detailed Reviews Of Two Most Popular eCommerce Platforms: Magento vs. Shopify

Pricing Plan

Best eCommerce platform reviews: Magento vs Shopify

Unlike other popular eCommerce platforms, users on Magento do not need to pay monthly subscriptions. In the beginning, businesses don’t need to charge fees to download and set up their eCommerce stores on Magento. However, the companies must pay for domain and hosting providers when they come to the publishing stage. Magento offers a wide range of prices. For hosting services, you can choose based on your resources, budget, and requirement. Moreover, the cost of building an e-commerce business on Magento is high if you add integrations to your website.

Shopify requires a monthly subscription from $9 to $2,000 per month, and you can choose a suitable pricing plan for your eCommerce store. Following the price, the subscription covers some costs, including domain hosting fees, so the business doesn’t need to purchase them again. Also, Shopify offers free domain hosting, so if you have a tight budget, you don’t need to pay for that.

Theme Design

Best eCommerce platform reviews: Magento vs Shopify

When using Shopify, your business has changed to try many themes from free to costly ones. There are nearly 16 free themes and 100 hundred paid ones so that you can choose one suitable for your business style and budget. 

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All the themes have a mobile-friendly interface so the customers can have the same experience shopping on their smartphones. Moreover, suppose you are unsatisfied with their available themes. In that case, you can customize them easily by changing the color palettes or adding more stickers and images to match your website’s appearance with your brand styles.

Magento Themes allows you to design and create your personal life and unique website appearance compared to Shopify. Desire the food from scratch. We’ll need more time, effort, resources, and technical knowledge, so if you don’t have enough technical competency,  it’s unwise to choose Magento. 

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Using Level

Best eCommerce platform reviews: Magento vs Shopify

Shopify is considered a more user-friendly e-commerce platform than Magento. Setting up and maintaining the web on the Magento platform needs a lot of technical efforts, while Shopify is truly for non-tech users. Therefore the users will go on Shopify smoothly without any barriers during their operation.

App Marketplace

Best eCommerce platform reviews: Magento vs Shopify

The Magento app marketplace is diverse, offering nearly 3600 extensions for different business purposes. Setting up an extension or application is simple. Without advanced coding expert experience, you can choose and purchase the most suitable one for your operation. For example, if you are focusing on B2B selling, choosing B2-B platform will strengthen your work.

Shopify provides a wider range of apps to strengthen your eCommerce businesses. Many popular apps appear on the Shopify marketplace, including automation applications, email marketing, and product recommendation, which contribute to your business growth. Remarkably, Atom8 on Shopify is a perfect tool for any business that wants to automate their operation, from segmenting customers to automating tasks.

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We have listed some key points in the Magento vs Shopify eCommerce platforms review, and we hope you can withdraw some conclusions to make decisions.

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