BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies for better ROI


It is safe to say that BigCommerce is among the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. Its easy-to-use and powerful interface delivers eCommerce businesses of all sizes with everything they need to make a thriving e-commerce brand.  

Festivals and holidays are the busiest times for eCommerce, and the Christmas season is no exception. By preparing the right BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies, your business can drive revenue and get better ROI. In this post, we will discuss how to do that. 


BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies for better ROI

Time-bound discount is among the most common eCommerce trading tactics that can ‘tip over the edge’ shoppers already interested in your products or ones like yours. Although it may be ineffective in building customer loyalty or differentiating your brand, it is a great way to drive sales volumes and introduce customers to your products.

Giving Campaign

Giving will help your brands stand out, connect with customers’ values, tell a story, up commercial metrics, and more. From re-engaging existing customers to attracting new customers, cause marketing will give your store a competitive advantage and doesn’t break your wallet like aggressive discounting.

BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies for better ROI

You might consider giving a set percentage to your chosen charity or setting specific products in your store with proceeds going to charity. Combining donations and discounts is a good idea. 

Loyalty Incentives

Another great strategy to increase repeat purchases is to allow shoppers to get loyalty points and additional rewards, which be converted to credits or products. You can offer products that complement their purchases to make it easy for customers to buy more.

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Whatever your chosen Christmas strategy is, tell your audience about it more than once across various channels, such as your web, social media, and email.

BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies for better ROI

Free Shipping and Give Free Gifts

Most customers appreciate incentives such as free gifts or free shipping for their orders. Unlike discounting, this tactic doesn’t take value away from your items. Free products can be less valuable products or samples of your new stock.

The Bottom Line

Christmas time is the most profitable period for any eCommerce business. So don’t miss the boat and prepare BigCommerce Christmas sales strategies for the December madness. You may have no similar chance until the end of the next year.


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