5 strategies to improve your BigCommerce store’s facebook ads

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Let’s face it — people of the 21st century are forgetful. We are drowning in all sorts of information and sometimes make mistakes when trying to filter it out. That’s why it’s not surprising if someone forgets about an important meeting, has no idea why they walked into their kitchen, or abandons a cart with a much-wanted item in your online store. Sure, we cannot improve the memory and focus of the whole of humankind. However, what we can do is set up nice and friendly reminders about things that may matter — and that’s what Facebook Retargeting is all about if you want to improve BigCommerce store’s Facebook ads.

Optimize your ad

Creating a Facebook Retargeting ad is an important step to improving your BigCommerce store’s Facebook ads, but it’s not the only one. Once you get started, you need to monitor your ad performance constantly and make changes to the ad if it happens to be unsatisfactory. As you grow your business, managing Facebook Retargeting ads may start taking up so much time that you’ll need to hire a marketing manager or get an app like Adwisely that will fully automate Facebook retargeting ad creation and management for you.

Make sure that there are enough visitors to your website

Facebook Retargeting ads don’t work without sufficient website traffic. The logic behind it is simple: if no one visits your online store, there’s no one to be reminded of your products. That’s why you need to know the size of your website audience.

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For this, on the Overview dashboard of your online store, go to Analytics and check the Online store sessions. If there are fewer than 100 online store visitors per day, you need to increase your website visitor count to run Facebook Retargeting ads.

Tips on how to increase website traffic:

  • Run a Website Clicks campaign on Facebook.
  • Consider working on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.
  • Learn about different ways of getting website traffic.

Check if your daily budget is sufficient.

A desire to save money is natural and logical. However, spending less than needed will hurt your business when it comes to Facebook Retargeting ads. That’s why you need to know why and how to adjust your campaign’s daily budget.

Tips on adjusting the daily budget:

  • Review your daily budget every seven days to see the results and understand if adjustments are necessary.

See if your ad message is doing its job.

Make sure that the ad messages you use in Facebook Retargeting ads don’t ruin the impression of your online store. Poorly written ad text can significantly increase the cost of your ads. They can even get the ad disapproved of by Facebook.

Tips on writing efficient ad messages:

  • Use these recommendations when coming up with an ad message
  • Keep your ad message short (up to 90 characters) and decent.

Double-check your website

You may sometimes get so caught up in looking for a perfect product that you never take the time to go to your online store and see it as your customers would. As a result, you may have no idea that some buttons are disabled, images are not shown properly, etc. — all this may severely hurt the performance of your Facebook Retargeting ads.

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Tips on what to check:

  • Visit your website at least once a week.
  • Make sure that product descriptions are up-to-date.
  • Look around, add products to the cart, and try and click through various shipping options.

If you see that at least one step of the purchase process is broken, investigate and fix it immediately. Disable Quick View Option and custom checkout pages if you know that they prevent the pixel event from firing properly. Uninstall apps that generate multiple annoying pop-ups. Make sure that you don’t distract your customer from making a purchase. To do so, refer to Atom8, an automation app that can notify you when there are any annoying pop-ups. You will not have to waste your time tracking and can pay more attention to doing something else that matters more.


Above are five strategies to improve your BigCommerce store’s Facebook ads. If you want to find more information regarding Atom8, we will assist you at your desk. 

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