BigCommerce Overstock: Tips for Managing Inventory in 2023

BigCommerce Overstock: Tips for Managing Inventory in 2023

Inventory management is crucial to running an e-commerce business, and BigCommerce store owners are no exception. Effective inventory management ensures that products are available when customers demand them, prevents unnecessary costs, and maximizes profitability. One particular challenge that store owners often need help with is dealing with overstock inventory. In this article, we will give you the concept of overstock in BigCommerce and provide valuable tips for managing it in 2023.

What is Overstock in BigCommerce

The concept of overstock inventory in e-commerce 

To begin, let’s delve into the concept of overstock inventory in e-commerce. Overstock refers to excess inventory that surpasses the demand and sales expectations. It occurs when a store owner has more products in stock than the market demands. Overstock can happen due to inaccurate sales forecasts, changes in customer preferences, or seasonal fluctuations.

Importance of managing overstock inventory 

Managing overstock inventory is crucial for several reasons:

Overstock ties up valuable resources such as warehouse space and capital that could be utilized for other purposes.

It increases holding costs, including storage expenses and potential product obsolescence.

BigCommerce Overstock: Tips for Managing Inventory in 2023

Excessive inventory ties up cash flow and prevents store owners from investing in different business areas.

Tips for Managing Overstock Inventory in BigCommerce

Analyzing sales data to identify slow-moving products

One effective way to manage overstock inventory is by analyzing sales data. Utilize the reporting and analytics tools available in BigCommerce to identify products that are not selling as expected. Look for patterns, such as low sales volume, declining demand, or items in stock for an extended period. This analysis will help you pinpoint slow-moving products that contribute to overstock.

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Once you have identified the slow-moving products, consider the reasons behind their poor performance. It could be due to factors such as ineffective marketing, pricing issues, or changes in customer preferences. Based on the analysis, you can make informed decisions on addressing these issues and prevent further accumulation of overstock.

BigCommerce Overstock: Tips for Managing Inventory in 2023

Creating effective discount strategies to move excess inventory

Discounting is a common strategy to clear out overstock inventory. However, it is essential to implement discounts strategically to ensure profitability. Determine appropriate discount levels that entice customers while maintaining a reasonable profit margin. Consider running limited-time promotions, bundle deals, or discounts to loyal customers. Highlight the discounted products on your website and leverage email marketing and social media to reach a wider audience.

Exploring Sales Channels and Marketplaces

Expanding your sales channels beyond your BigCommerce store can help reach a broader customer base and increase the chances of selling excess inventory. Explore popular online marketplaces and consider listing your overstocked items there. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy can provide exposure to a vast customer network. Make sure to sync your inventory across platforms to avoid overselling or inventory discrepancies.


Effective management of overstock inventory is essential for BigCommerce store owners in 2023. Utilizing specialized tools such as BackOrder – the only BigCommerce backorder application – can further streamline inventory management and improve customer satisfaction. Please get in touch with us if you need further assistance or guidance on managing overstock in your BigCommerce store. 


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