BigCommerce platform in 2023 – an honest review

bigcommerce platform

BigCommerce is always on top of the most worthy eCommerce platform for various businesses. However, there are some drawbacks that the eCommerce business runners should take into consideration when starting doing business on this platform. Our article today will give you a detailed review of the BigCommerce platform in 2023 in different aspects.

Realistic Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce Platform

Basic Functions

Firstly, we evaluate the basic functions of the BigCommerce platform. About the product presentation, BigCommerce allows businesses to add photos, animation and short videos to the product introduction section. Moreover, BigCommerce allows you to arrange all of them logically and attractively in different ways to enhance conversion rate

There is also a bonus that BigCommerce supports sellers to create product variants and then the customers can use “Option Sets” to find their product more quickly. BigCommerce also helps you to reduce cart abandonment that allows you to contact customers who abandoned their shopping carts. Moreover, BigCommerce also displays customer reviews and allows customers to add SKUs. 

Checkout Stage

Secondly, we are going to take into consideration some functions related to the payment and checkout stage. BigCommerce provides both online and offline payment methods. It can integrate with PayPal and other online credit card payments without additional transaction fees. This platform also supports the sellers with digital products as it is able to limit the downloads and set expiration dates for the items. 

The large businesses can take advantage of BigCommerce to create customers accounts and assign them to suitable store credit to offer different deals for different segments. The discounts and promotion codes can be applied and automatically activated with a pre-set amount, date and customer account. BigCommerce can calculate the shipping fee automatically based on the product values, product sizes in accordance with delivery services such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

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BigCommerce Backend

Backend is considered as the backbone of a platform so we need to consider the backend of BigCommerce. BigCommerce supports the businesses with the fulfilled inventory management; as it allows the sellers to track the stocks by product sizes, colors and functions. This platform allows the sellers to export and import product data via CSV file and analyze selling reports by integrated Google Analytics. Moreover, whenever the users struggle with the backend, BigCommerce customer service can support them via FAQ, chat, email and telephone.

BigCommerce Theme

BigCommerce is a real user-friendly platform that brings customers a large number of features and extensions with simple manipulation. It provides various professional and up-to-date templates which are also easy to access and compatible with mobile interfaces. They also allow users to customize the BigCommerce theme by colors, fonts and layout. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Pricing Plan

The cheapest plan BigCommerce offers is BigCommerce Standard at $29.95. The price is the same as other popular BigCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix and Squarespace but it brings more comprehensive features. Besides, there are BigCommerce Plus, Pro and Enterprise which have more features related to maintaining customer relationships and productivity improvement.


With our reviews of BigCommerce platform in 2022, we hope that you can evaluate BigCommerce clearly and accurately to decide whether it is suitable forwith your eCommerce business.


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