Top BigCommerce Stores: Silent Pool Distillers – Migration for Growth

Top BigCommerce stores: Silent Pool Distillers

About Silent Pool Distillers

Silent Pool Distiller is another famous store that is present on the BigCommerce. BigCommerce is a top-class website that assists people in reaching a wider and new audience. It increases the reach of the business platform by increasing the conversion rates, growth rate, and development of the business.

However, the main business idea of the Silent Pool Distiller is unique. One may wonder how a person may come up with a unique business idea. The founder of the Silent Pool Distillers is Ian McCulloch. Ian McCulloch, a former commercial director of ITV, was seeking a project when he retired. Setting up his own distillery in the lovely Surrey Hills provided him with inspiration. Ian created the idea for Silent Pool Gin when he met co-founder James Sherbourne in a local pub, The Onslow Arms. This is how the Silent Pool Distiller came into being.

The Need for a Scalable Ecommerce Platform

Silent Pool’s mainly relied on traditional retail distribution until 2020, with several well-known retailers like Waitrose. However, with many of the corporation’s market routes, such as Duty-Free, pubs, and restaurants, set to cease in March 2020, the corporation needed to discover new ways to generate short-term revenue.

This was the time when Silent Pool Distillers were considering new methods of marketing products. They needed to reach a new audience to increase their generation of revenue to a greater extent.

Migration to BigCommerce

Silent Pool began by focusing on its direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel. Due to changes in its marketing strategy and production strategies, the Company started experiencing 5 x increases in sales volume. Glasses, bar runners, and candleholders were among the items sold in bundles to let customers recreate the pub experience at home. Over the last few months, this has been a crucial component of the plan.

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The biggest milestone in the brand’s marketing strategy came about when the Silent Pool Distillers chose BigCommerce. BigCommerce helped the Company in setting up a great interactive and intuitive platform online. The eCommerce Platform of BigCommerce had the entire essential marketing tools that assisted them in increasing their reach in the market.

Achievement with the New Platform

Silent Pool started working with BigCommerce in late 2018 when it was seeking an Open SaaS platform with a larger ecosystem of apps and solutions that could plugin and allow the site to grow with the Company. BigCommerce won out over other eCommerce platforms as the best alternative for the organization after being shortlisted.
BigCommerce helped the Silent Pool Distillers in generating a greater amount of revenue during the lockdown period. Therefore, the Company’s conversion rates increased by 56% as well as increased orders by 419%. All in all, the revenue of Company increased by 550%.


The new platform helped the Company in understanding the perceptions and demands of the people. This gave Company raw data for research purposes, which enabled the Company in understanding the buyer persona of the people. Therefore, the Company had experienced tremendous business growth in the last year during the lockdown period.


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