BigCommerce stores use custom cart message to gain more sales


A lot of online merchants are still not familiar with the benefits of using custom cart messages. Meanwhile, custom messages greatly impact the conversion rate of your shop and customers. 

Imagine if you were to optimize your shop with several custom messages. One way to do this is by creating a unique BigCommerce cart message for your cart. This is a great way to attract more visitors to your site and develop a connection with them.

Why BigCommerce stores use custom cart messages to gain more sales

Use personalized communications to engage customers, thank them for their purchases, and entice them to come back for greater deals. You may motivate them to take additional action by using personalized checkout and cart messages.

BigCommerce stores use custom cart message to gain more sales

The cart, checkout, and order success pages are where you may see the customized messages. You may create effective messages using various formats to achieve various objectives. To advertise offers and discounts with tailored communications, use calls to action and custom URLs.

In other words, the cart and checkout messages module enables you to thank your customers for their purchases while enticing them to do more actions. The checkout and cart pages also allow you to display messages, and a variety of preset hooks enable you to place them precisely where you want.

How to create a custom BigCommerce cart message

Make use of various message types

Every message type has a distinct function and objective. You may select a message type to achieve company objectives like promoting new arrivals, alerting users to safety measures, or sharing corporate news. Types of messages include:

  • Products in Cart
  • Minimum amount offers
  • Deals with Deadline
  • Categories in Cart
  • Showing a Simple Message
  • Referrer
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Include calls to action

By including buttons with unique URLs, you may convert the regular messages on the cart and checkout pages into Calls to Action. Choose the destination page and direct people there: the Home page, a particular category, or any CMS page. The targeted link can be left as the default or made to open in a new window.

BigCommerce stores use custom cart message to gain more sales

Auto-display custom messages

BigCommerce cart messages may be shown automatically to make sure they appear during your company’s busiest days or weeks. To make sure the messages are read and answered as much as possible, choose a start and end date. For promotions around Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year, for instance, you can use the choice.

Enhance messages using layouts

There are various pre-built layouts with a wide range of modification possibilities in the BigCommerce cart messages. Using unique messages and an attractive layout, try to draw them to your business.

Messages sorted by shop views and consumer groups

Custom messages may be restricted to specific shop views and customer groups using the restriction settings. It allows you to display your innovative and persuasive messages to targeted users. The rest of your store’s customers cannot see them.

BigCommerce stores use custom cart message to gain more sales

To conclude,

Although custom cart messages are not necessary to succeed, they are a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience and show your audience what you want to offer them. Keep these things in mind as you are creating your custom BigCommerce cart messages to increase your chances of success! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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