How to automatically switch between themes in BigCommerce

bigcommerce switch between themes

It is advisable to change your store’s appearance regularly to maintain its attractiveness. On special occasions like Halloween or Christmas,… getting your storefront aligned with the vibes is even more important. However, with too many seasonal events to mark, why don’t you have the theme switched automatically to save your time and effort? Today, we will show you how to automatically switch between themes in your BigCommerce store.

Schedule theme switching with Atom8

To have your storefront automatically changed for a certain period of time, Atom8 is such a powerful tool you can not miss. Follow our 5 simple steps to get your store ready for any events throughout the year!

Step 1: Set out time trigger

First, you need to determine when to change your theme. For occasional switching, you may choose “one-time only”, then select date and time. If you wish to have your theme refresh regularly, the app also offers you daily, weekly, or monthly durations.

Step 2: Select data filter

In the next stage, you should choose on which the workflow will be applied. The display may show you 4 options as below, just make sure you select “content” to switch themes. If your choice is product/customer/order, there will be other functions of Atom8.

Step 3: Switch theme

Apply the available theme in your BigCommerce store for the chosen event. Then, set the “delay” for the new theme! Which allows it to be displayed for a specific number of days before switching to the original/another one. You can schedule theme changes as many times as you wish as you wish by repeating the process: choosing theme → setting delay time. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

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Step 4: Save all settings

After all conditions are set, click the blue “Next” button on the top right corner to move to the workflow setting tab. Here, you can switch the workflow status between active and inactive; fill the workflow’s name and description; and when to activate.

Finally, click “Save” and everything is ready to run.

Hopefully, those instructions can answer your question of how to switch between themes in BigCommerce for your online business. So simple and convenient process with Atom8, let’s try it right now!

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