Supreme strategies to bundle products for eCommerce stores

bundle products

Get this — global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $6.38 trillion by 2024. Online retail sales have skyrocketed since the pandemic and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With the eCommerce space witnessing one of the biggest booms in recent years, the race to win over market share is heating up! The question is — can you keep up?

There are one too many tricks in the book to up those conversions and keep your sales alive — promotional offers, referral discounts, going all out with personalization, tapping into mobile commerce . One of the most trusted and, might we add, rewarding tactics have to be product bundling.

This concept of offering a curated collection of complementary products at a discount is a great marketing strategy for online stores to drive in more revenue and keep the average order value (AOV) high. Before we tread any further, let’s get down to supreme strategies to bundle products for eCommerce stores.

Bank on data to know which products to bundle.

Offering bundled products as a packaged deal make a lot more sense when they are supposed to be used together. So leverage the data you have to discover products that are most often purchased together.

For example — toothbrush with toothpaste, socks with shoes, belt with trousers.

Display how much shoppers would save on a bundle

Who doesn’t love a great deal! Highlighting the cost-saving factor has never failed in enticing shoppers eager to find deals that help them save BIG.

In the below example, Webjet displays the hotel savings that customers can enjoy if they book a flight with them.

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Promote product bundles at checkout

A smart move to get customers to purchase more is to get their attention at checkout. This works much like a salesperson in a retail store, urging you to add to your basket with one more product to get a discount. Since we are talking about promoting bundles at checkout to increase upsell and cross-sell, it is essential to mention Order Booster. This genius app can recommend products in any areas and spaces within your page, like the product, cart, checkout areas, or thank you page. All can be done at once with a click, and everything will fall into its place. 

Put the spotlight on the bundles.

When you’ve got a snatch-worthy deal, you need to make some noise. We mean positioning the offer right at the center of your home page and making sure that no one misses it.

Bundle fast and slow-selling products

There might be products that you’re struggling to sell. Teaming them up with the best-sellers is a great way to get them sold. You’re also creating a new product offering that your customers will be more likely to purchase again. 

Create dedicated bundles pages

Another great practice that you could follow is setting up a dedicated page solely to promote product bundles. Some shoppers come looking only for such combo deals — giving them an entire page of bundled products will keep them coming back for more! Birchbox has created a separate page for ‘Birchbox Discovery Kits’ — a perfect example of showcasing all your curated combos in one place.


For eCommerce businesses, product bundling works like magic when selling more products and increasing average sales orders. It’s the perfect hook to capture your shoppers’ attention, especially those that crave deals and discounts. Gear up to build irresistible product bundles and get your customers to shop more at your store!

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