Common BigCommerce issues and their impact on your online stores

Common BigCommerce issues

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce, founded in 2009, is one of the major online store builders powering online stores in thousands in 150 countries. This platform provides an engaging online experience.

It allows you to create pages, add products, process orders, upload photos, creates discount coupons, and more. For instance, design it using drop and drag panels. It is a cloud-based platform offering multichannel selling, abandoned cart saver, fraud monitoring, product ratings, cart-level discounts, and more.

You may save yourself from managing complex hardware and software systems. BigCommerce keeps you away from troubles by installing and maintaining software that is easy to access online through the internet.

Common BigCommerce issues

The constant changes in Big Commerce’s business plans, model, and pricing is making the online store owner’s business afloat. Here are some of the BigCommerce issues that are arising with this platform.

No automatic categories

There are no automatic categorization tools that are common for online stores. It is because the products are in large numbers that they keep discontinuing. Visitors browsing your site may reach the wrong product type or unavailable products, resulting in frustration. They believe the entire website is not up-to-date.

Only if you know to access smart categorization or automated tools, you can assign products to categories and their sub-categories automatically based on their attributes.

No standard backordering feature

There are annoying BigCommerce issues that do not come to notice glaringly as issues until you need the feature. One such issue is not having a standard backorder feature. BigCommerce tutorial section and SEO support offer little to no helpful information.

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The backordering feature allows customers to order even before the stock is on hand. Having this feature means the companies can ensure it is available soon.

If you are fed up with the workarounds to allow backorders, try out BigCommerce BackOrder app. The tool does more than just a single backorder function. It ensures your customer will have a favorable experience with features to customize CTA, messages, and threshold.

Limited payment options

Having an online store and trying to attract visitors call for real hard work. The last thing anyone wants happening is the inability to convert the shoppers because of non-supportive payment methods. It is one of the BigCommerce issues that turns out potential customers.

BigCommerce does not support a lot of payment options and even on enabling digital wallets used commonly by online shoppers, it fails to support Visa Checkout, and so on.

Limitations to SEO and blogs

Other common BigCommerce issues include the limitations to SEO and blogs. It lacks the feature of blog posts relating to the associated products, and so visitors cannot find the items in your online store. The advantage of associating your SEO and blog content with your website products is impossible. It means you will lose valuable opportunities and call-to-action in converting the inbound traffic.

As BigCommerce now lacks this feature, it requires the website owners to manually add to the blog post body the product references.


Agreed, no eCommerce platform is perfect, yet ensure to manage and settle your business with efficiency. Look for features and tools that you need to survive and ensure it is at your fingertips and succeed. Thus, you should be comparing different platforms, make a plans to get rid of common issues before building your site.

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Further reading: How to build your BigCommerce website.

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