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workflow template

The quicker you can set up automated workflows on Atom8, the sooner you can hit the ground & running. So, what is an automated workflow and how to effectively build & apply an effective one? We have all the answers for you hereunder.

What is an automated workflow?

In its purest, simplest form, Atom8’s automation happens through the automated workflow of Trigger – Condition – Action. And here’s how it works: 

You are the owner of a groceries store and there is an upcoming sales program. Let’s say you want to offer a 50% discount to each customer who has spent over $500 in their order.

The workflow would be: 

  • Trigger: WHEN an order is placed by the customer
  • Condition: IF the customer’s order value include tax is greater than $500
  • Action:
    THEN segment the customer into “VIP group”
    AND auto-send a “Thank-you” email with the 50% discount code.
workflow template

Once you’ve finished setting up the workflow, you can sit back and let automation do the hard work.

Creating workflows on Atom8

You can decide to do it from scratch, or choose the option where the most heavy lifting is already done for you (from a template).

From scratch with step-by-step guidance

Customize every aspect of the workflow operation for your unique use case. You’ll need to set up triggers, conditions and follow-up actions to get finished workflows. It’s up to you to decide and organize the flow.

However, learning new concepts, coming up with new ideas & creating workflows on your own might not always be easy as it sounds. We feel you! Therefore, we got you covered with the in-app interactive guide – Released in our latest product update.

For this guide, you’ll be going through an “educational” tour that talks in detail about each and every step when creating workflows on Atom8.  Apply Atom8 to learn more!


From a template

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if workflow templates are built for your use case. Atom8 offers 80+ templates in the app’s library. This can help you start automating more quickly and experiment with workflows of different areas in your business.
All you need to do is pick the template, customize the content, texts and options so they fit your case. And, voilà – your workflow is ready to go.

Creating workflows on Atom8

Found a template that looks promising for your use case? You can pick it and apply immediately after several simple manipulations.

  1. Select any template from Atom8’s workflow template libraryworkflow template
  2. Preview in the “Workflow” section
  3. Once you think this template is right for you after previewing, click “Create workflow from template”

workflow template

Most popular templates

Customer segmentationMerchants can assign customers to specific groups or to add custom attributes to segment customers.

For example, in “Segment customers based on order amount” template, based on your specific business case, you can change the amount value and name your own customer groups.

workflow template

Product Management: Merchants can schedule product publications and categorize products automatically.

For example, “Categorize products based on inventory level” template is displayed as follows:

workflow template

You can add products that inventory level reaches low-stock threshold to category “Last Chance” to promote on the storefront and remove it when it is out of stock.

Campaign management: Helps merchants set up sales campaigns, product release, restock updates in which merchants can schedule product visibility, themes, discounts and more.

For example, “Schedule a promotion campaign” template works by setting the time to publish/unpublish category pages and apply discounts on products.

workflow template


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