eCommerce automation checklist for your business

eCommerce automation checklist

Managing every department of your digital store requires optimization, experimentation, and creativity. Beginning from the site design, themes to the layouts, the customer experience will affect your traffic, conversion, and sales results. Today, eCommerce automation allows you to spend time on other productive things. It frees your brand from time-consuming processes and the user experience you desire.

What is eCommerce Automation?

Automation is not a new concept. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, we have seen automation of various systems. eCommerce automation allows online store owners to automate their stores with inventory management, supply chain, and marketing systems to improve sales and revenue. At the present time, there are several eCommerce automation tools at your disposal to help grow your business. You can automate the process for your store following these three simple workflow steps.

  • Trigger: Here, you choose a trigger that will begin the workflow process
  • Condition: Certain conditions or parameters must be might for the workflow to run
  • Action: What action (s) to take place when the condition is meant.

For instance, once a customer creates an order and spends $5000, tag that customer as a VIP.

Best eCommerce automation Checklist for your Business

You can distinguish your brand from the crowd through a memorable customer experience. Additionally, you can address negative experiences, forecast future demand, and personalize your online store based on data collected.

A store worth shopping at

Utilize customer data to personalize your online store to buyers and drive growth.

  • Email customer segments using an incentive to create an account
  • Segment and tag customers based on browsing history, gender, and purchase history
  • When tagged customers visit, display relevant and personalized products
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Are you experiencing low stocks? There is a solution

Stimulate product demand through custom alerts when going low on a product.

  • Check inventory whenever a stock gets low and place an order to the vendor
  • Allow customers to sign up for back-in-stock alerts and automatically notify them when stock level changed

Do you receive bad reviews?

Receive automated alerts when customers leave negative reviews or feedback.

  • Define a negative review
  • When reviews meet particular criteria, create a ticket using the customer support tool
  • Assign tickets to the customer support team to address before the next purchase

How to turn shoppers to brand ambassadors

You can turn shoppers to brand loyalists when you allow wish lists, improve store merchandising, and reward repeated purchases. Another option is to use referral programs and let your customers spread the word.

Further reading: How to turn shoppers into loyal customers.

Sell in real-time

You can improve your customer experience through real-time merchandising.

  • Show products on your store once your order is back in stock
  • Make sold-out product hidden to avoid unhappy customers
  • Set a threshold to notify you once you have a low inventory

Rewards and wishes

Allow your customers to create their wish lists and provide incentives when possible.

  • Allow customers to create wish lists
  • Send follow up emails marketing campaigns
  • Reward customers using a rewarding system

Keep your customers coming back

Increase loyal customers using gift cards and personalized discounts.

  • Send discount code to customers through email or text messages
  • Segment customers based on purchase history
  • Send an email, Facebook Messenger, push notifications with a gift card
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More ideas

Need more room for improvement? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a 40 eCommerce automation ideas checklist (and it’s interactive!) for your convenience. Register below to download the checklist.
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A little sneak peek:

interactive checklist ecommerce automation

We hope this checklist can give your store a performance boost, since we’ve helped teams with not so many people (7, or even only 1) to manage their store effectively.


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