eCommerce Furniture Industry Trends 2021

living room furniture with a grey sofa, glass table and light yellow lamp on ecommerce

As more and more retailers go online, the eCommerce furniture industry is growing leaps and bounds. Therefore, brands are embracing technology to maintain competitive advantages.

In this article, we discuss some of the emerging trends in 2021 within the industry that every business should watch out for. 

1. Augmented Reality Changes Purchasing Behaviour

Using augmented reality, virtual reality, AI, and 3D design visuals create a first-hand experience of what the store looks like. Thus, it helps generate higher interest and drive more sales. 

Specifically, augmented reality has become essential for the eCommerce furniture industry for stimulating more vivid product visualization. The technology allows customers to view products, choose colours and patterns, rotate, customize the furniture images according to their taste before purchasing. This provides them with a chance to see whether it matches their home decor. In other words, augmented reality helps them to make better decisions without moving out of their houses. That’s why it can influence purchasing decisions.

2. Product Customization

Product customization possesses a key differentiator that helps fuel sales. People these days are very vocal about their tastes and preferences, and they want everything accordingly, right from the fabric to the colour. Besides a mix-and-match look, consumers are also opting for green/sustainable furniture designs. Therefore, rather than prebuilt stocks, furniture companies need to adopt a large number of made-to-order workflow. 

Product customization has emerged beyond a trend. Owing to customization, the buying journey within the furniture industry has become more interesting and convenient

3. Social Commerce

Shopping on social networks are becoming more popular. Because of millions number of users, platforms like Tiktok or Instagram is considered as a potential channel for product marketing. Social media enhances the customer experience by enabling them to make a purchase on the platform without being redirected to different pages. 

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4. Younger Generation Prefer Cash and Carry

Future eCommerce companies are focusing on winning the interest of the Millennials. This young generation is looking for quality products accompanied by good customer service and quick delivery. They also don’t want to make extra effort to assemble every piece together. Thus companies have to come up with new business models or product designs to meet up such demands.

5. Use automation

Brands are heading on to serve the best of their customers. For instance, reengaged emails are sent out every day accompanied by on-site recommendations and many more. These are automation applications that can be integrated into your website to leverage your customer experience. Thanks to automation, store owners can focus their time and efforts on improving their products and services instead of executing repetitive tasks.

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Final note

The furniture e-commerce market is growing at a steady pace. This industry is no more confined to traditional brick-and-mortar stores and is becoming omnichannel. To maintain a competitive advantage, heads up to the coming trends and make the best use of them. 



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