eCommerce marketing team’s top 5 favorite automation workflows

ecommerce marketing automation

Automation workflows have been proven to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of different business tasks, especially the marketing ones. Many eCommerce marketing teams choose to use automation to improve customer engagement and boost revenues. Today, our article will suggest the five most popular and robust workflows that can increase your marketing to the next level.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Automation That Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Schedule Content Posts

Content marketing is considered one of the most crucial parts of customer engagement. The marketers only need to make a plan of content posts and use automation workflow to hide or publicize them following the pre-set time and date. This approach will help you post suitable content at an appropriate time in different locations and social media platforms without keeping the staff online. You can use Atom8 on BigCommerce and Shopify platforms to run this task with powerful workflows to automatically schedule your content posts.

Email Marketing Automation

The most effective and direct way to communicate with your beloved customers is email marketing. It can engage customers, ask for feedback, upsell, cross-sell, send promotions, and so on. Automation, however, will not only help you to send emails to each customer but also group customers into different segments and personalize the content according to their specific preferences. For example, Atom8 can gather customer data from their activities on your eCommerce sites and segment them according to their lifetime, total spending, past purchases, recent views, etc. Therefore, this app can generate personalized content and automatically send it to target customers.

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Customer Welcome Series

The first impression is vital. Therefore, many marketers try to catch customers’ attention on their first visit. Automation workflows also help the marketing team convert new visitors into paying customers by welcoming workflows. This series aims to accept new audiences, identify their expectations, give them a fundamental introduction to your businesses, and send motivation to place the first order. The welcome email will be directly sent after 5 minutes when the successful sign-up is conducted.

Post-purchase Campaign

Some businesses have ignored the significance of post-purchase campaigns that contribute to low customers lifetime value and ineffective customer retention. The post-purchase campaign is beyond the thank you messages. The campaign can be about discount incentives, feedback requests, membership status updates, upselling, and other product tips

Customer Re-engagement

Low engagement is one of the critical signals of customers dissatisfaction and unattractive marketing strategies;  therefore, the marketers should take appropriate actions to re-engage at-risk customers. When setting up the workflow, the marketers must list out inactive subscribers and those who have been leaving negative feedback on your forum. For example, Atom8 can identify and segment low-engaged customers based on their behaviors and interactions on your eCommerce sites. Therefore, the automation workflows use emails to re-engage those customers by asking for sharing feedback, coupons, impressive product recommendations, etc.


Are you ready to adopt automation workflows to make your marketing tasks awesome? We hope your marketing team will no longer feel tired of heavy workloads and unattractive strategies with our suggested tips!


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