6 eCommerce Content Marketing Techniques to Increase Traffic


If you’re looking to increase traffic to your eCommerce site, content marketing can be a powerful tool in your strategy. With some effective eCommerce content marketing techniques, we’ll outline how entrepreneurs like yourself can develop impactful campaigns that will result in increased website traffic and overall success.

Why using content marketing for eCommerce provides you a competitive edge

Paid advertising and social media are frequently given priority when business companies with online storefronts invest in digital marketing efforts because of their quick return times. The indicators that actually drive genuine marketing ROI, however, all lead to content marketing when you look further into the sales funnel.

Furthermore, if we broaden the definition of eCommerce marketing to include SaaS, the possibility expands. Content may include webinars, podcasts, templates, white papers, case studies, and much more when seen through that perspective.

Effective eCommerce Content Marketing Techniques to Increase Traffic

Effective eCommerce content marketing techniques to increase traffic

Build a content hub

A content hub is a central section on your website that has collected information on a specific topic. Everything from blog entries to videos to social media posts to printed checklists can be included. What important is that all of this content development is centered on a single fundamental theme.

If you sell supplements, for example, you might establish a content hub on the finest supplements for pain, energy, health, or any other topic relevant to your audience.

Employ SEO topic clusters on your blog

Topic clusters are a fantastic approach to boosting organic search performance as well as conversions. A topic cluster is a content hub-and-spoke arrangement built around a primary theme. It is supported by a pillar page that serves as the hub. The other pages in a topic cluster are usually blog entries about relevant topics.

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User generated content (UGC)

User generated content is very successful since it frequently showcases real individuals using your products. It serves as both word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and social proof. People may not trust all you say about your products, but they are far more inclined to believe what genuine customers say about them.

Effective eCommerce Content Marketing Techniques to Increase Traffic

Tutorial videos

The popularity of tutorial videos has risen in recent years, as more people turn to YouTube to learn how to do something. You can take advantage of this trend by developing video content that demonstrates how to utilize your goods to address specific problems or difficulties.

This form of video marketing is effective for both teaching new buyers about the value of your product and retaining current consumers about how to get the most out of your product.

Reviews/comparison pages

Online reviews give social verification of the excellent quality of your items to your target audience. Online reviews are important to 93% of buyers when making a purchase choice. Eighty-two percent (82%) of buyers make an extra effort to read product reviews before purchasing a product.

A comparison page is another effective sort of eCommerce content marketing that presents customer reviews. Although it may appear intuitive, adding sections on your website where you evaluate and compare your product to a competitor’s can be a terrific strategy to obtain more consumers.

Effective eCommerce Content Marketing Techniques to Increase Traffic

FAQ pages

Potential and existing clients will inevitably have questions about your items. An FAQ page enables you to overcome potential purchasers’ objections while also assisting your existing clients.

However, if you routinely receive the same queries regarding a certain product, you should address them directly on the product page. Make a visitor browse to a FAQ page to find product-specific answers. Other inquiries, like as shipping and refunds, should be answered on your FAQ page.

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In Conclusion,

Content marketing allows you to put your brand out there and present valuable information in an engaging format, boosting SEO rankings and helping drive potential customers to your business. 

While the concept of content marketing may seem overwhelming, implementing some key practices such as optimizing for the right search terms or creating targeted content will help ensure that those interested in what you have to offer are able to find it. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to help you apply these eCommerce content marketing strategies to your own business, we are happy to help!


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