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B2B apps for BigCommerce

Running a successful B2B business on BigCommerce often requires catering to the unique needs of your wholesale customers. One such need is to streamline reordering processes, allowing your clients to quickly and efficiently replenish their inventory. Additionally, offering hidden product prices can be a valuable feature, to protect sensitive pricing information from prying eyes. 

It is important to know how to leverage BigCommerce’s powerful functionality and B2B apps for BigCommerce to implement reordering and hidden pricing, to enhance your B2B store’s efficiency and customer experience.

Benefits of Reorders & Hidden Prices for B2B Businesses


A reordering system for your online store can provide significant benefits beyond just increasing sales revenue. Fundamentally, it is about improving the customer experience. For B2C companies, providing a simple and easy experience for both new and repeat orders is well-known to be valuable. Although B2B companies may be behind in this area, the same principles apply. 

A seamless reordering process can help strengthen customer relationships. The less effort you require from customers, the more likely they are to continue doing business with you. This is especially true for your existing customers who have already purchased from your brand.

It is important to remember that you don’t always need to focus solely on acquiring new customers to get a good return on your e-commerce investment. There is significant value in prioritizing your existing customers, as acquiring new customers can be costly. Strengthening your existing customer relationships just makes sense.

Additionally, bringing these smaller reorders online can free up your sales team’s time. It’s known that sales staff tend to prioritize larger, higher-value sales, with less interest in smaller reorders and replenishment orders. Some B2B apps for BigCommerce will help you automate these lower-cost transactions. Then, your sales team will have more time to dedicate to the higher-profit sales opportunities. 

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Plus, some customers prefer to place orders online themselves rather than speaking with a sales agent (contrary to the belief that all B2B buyers want to interact with an agent, at least for simple reorders).

Setting up a reordering system will require some initial work, but with the help of robust B2B apps for BigCommerce, you will have a hands-off way to sell to customers. This is a benefit that will pay dividends over time.

Hidden Prices

Setting prices for B2B sales is a bit more complex compared to B2C sales. In B2C, buyers often make impulse purchases based on emotions. However, in B2B, buyers are more specific and follow a planned approach to purchasing. The focus is on building long-term relationships with customers rather than just one-time impulse purchases.

Especially for B2B customers who order large quantities of products, offering personalized pricing with reasonable discounts is a must. Hiding product prices gives more opportunities to discuss and negotiate appropriate pricing or even encourage customers to subscribe to a reserved area of the online store to view customized prices.

Many B2B eCommerce platforms do not display prices publicly because they do not want competitors or distributors to know their selling prices.

There are other advantages to hiding prices on B2B eCommerce sites. For example, it can limit customer surprises when prices change noticeably. Hiding prices also creates opportunities for businesses to improve customer experience through consulting and enhancing customer relationships. Additionally, when prices are hidden, customers may focus more on product information, features, and benefits rather than just the price.

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B2B apps for BigCommerce Reorders & Hidden Prices

By leveraging the power of BigCommerce and the Atom8 B2B app, you can streamline reordering processes and protect sensitive pricing information, then enhancing efficiency and fostering strong customer relationships.

BigCommerce Reorders

Atom8’s app for BigCommerce makes it easy for business customers to reorder products regularly. This helpful feature makes the process smooth for both businesses and their customers. It builds strong relationships and brings in repeat sales.

With Atom8’s Reorder tool, businesses can automatically send quotes to their business customers on a regular schedule. They don’t have to do this manually. These quotes have all the same details as past orders, including the quote number for easy reference. Customers just need to review the quote, make any changes, and confirm the order with one click.

This automated process saves time and work for businesses. It also gives customers a convenient, familiar experience. Customers don’t have to recreate orders from the start, so they can quickly restock their inventory without disruptions.

Moreover, the app does more than just make reordering easy. It has powerful tools with BigCommerce integration made specifically for businesses, like custom pricing for customers, managing quotes, and advanced reporting. With Atom8, businesses can streamline their operations, keep customers satisfied, and grow through efficient order management and personalized experiences.

BigCommerce Hidden Prices

Atom8’s B2B app for BigCommerce allows you to keep certain store content hidden from B2C or guest customers while still making it accessible to your B2B customers. This feature helps you maintain control over your online store and ensure that sensitive information or exclusive products are only visible to the intended audience.

With these B2B apps for BigCommerce, you can choose to hide specific products, prices, or entire collections from B2C and guest customers. This means that while your B2B customers can see and purchase these items, they will be completely hidden from regular consumers browsing your store.

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Additionally, you can also password-protect certain pages on your website, such as those containing B2B-specific buying policies or processes. This ensures that only authorized B2B customers with the correct password can access and view these pages, keeping the information secure and confidential.

By selectively displaying products, collections, and pages based on customer groups or specific companies, you can create a tailored shopping experience for your B2B customers. This not only enhances their overall experience but also helps maintain the integrity of your B2B operations and pricing strategies.

Atom8’s B2B app for BigCommerce provides a simple and intuitive interface to manage these content visibility settings, allowing you to easily control what is shown or hidden from different customer groups. This level of customization ensures that your online store remains organized, secure, and optimized for both your B2B and B2C customer segments.

To Wrap Up,

Are you considering employing B2B apps for BigCommerce? A seamless and personalized experience for your customers is crucial in the competitive world of B2B eCommerce. With effortless reordering capabilities, your B2B customers can easily replenish their inventory without the hassle of recreating orders from scratch. And by offering hidden product prices, you can maintain control over your pricing strategies while encouraging customers to engage with your sales team.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your B2B eCommerce operations. Contact Atom8 today and learn more about our B2B apps for BigCommerce.


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