Is BigCommerce enterprise automation solution right for your business?

enterprise automation solution

As an online merchant, the fact that acquiring new customers and gaining new orders are the top priorities in the eCommerce business. When you start scaling, systems and business processes become complicated so you will start getting overwhelmed with many repetitive tasks. Meanwhile, you have to make sure correct information on the website, order fulfillment and payments process, and package delivery. Therefore, there will be less time to focus on your business

If you are wondering whether or not the BigCommerce automation solution is right for your enterprise, then this article will give you the answer.

enterprise automation solution

More time to grow the enterprise business

Time is your most valuable resource to any business owner. Therefore, An eCommerce enterprise automation solution is the key to putting your time-consuming tasks on auto-pilot. For instance:

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  • Website’s content publishes (banner, page, blog, etc.) 
  • Products and catalogs adjustment (price, purchasability, visibility, etc.)
  • Customers segmentation
  • Team member notification

Enterprise business-oriented

Enterprise automation solutions can be applied to all parts of a business, from Marketing and Sales to Fulfillment and Customer Service. In addition, it can help you manage all these functions effectively by reorganizing tasks, streamlining processes, and categorizing store data. 

On top of that, less time on daily repetitive tasks also means more time on important aspects that involve innovation, decision-making, and strategy – the key elements in growing your business.

The solution for effective sales and marketing

Moreover, eCommerce sales and marketing teams have the most to gain from automation.

  • Provide personalized customer experience with real-time customer segmentation and engagement 
  • Assure timely response with instant automated emails/messages sequences
  • Enable proactive and dynamic marketing campaigns with scheduled marketing campaigns on time-trigger
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According to recent statistics, adopting automation in sales and marketing can effectively generate a 50% increase in revenue.


Automation brings you the freedom to focus on the things that matter most to your business. This article has helped you to answer the question of whether or not BigCommerce automation is right for your enterprise. And, it will be a big mistake if we forget to mention Atom 8, the solid solution for any BigCommerce store. Such an automation app like this can do a lot of tasks that usually take a big amount of time to do like tracking inventory systems, it can notify you of all potential issues. Sending emails causes you to feel exhausted, install Atom8 and it will do it for you, tons of amazing functions are included in an app. Check it out right now. 


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